2/8 CvS2, MvC2, GGXX Full Results


2/8 CvS2, MvC2, GGXX Full Results @ Family Fun Arcade (socal)

1st Alex Flores
2nd Gee-o
3rd Jason Cole
4th Fortino Montes
5th Manuel Bermudez Jr
6th Rick Marin
7th Lawrence Perales, Ed Ma
9th Henry Kim, Kennywood, Amir, Hung Han
13th JC Melgar, Jonathan Bigalbal, Christian Mancia , Darryl Austin
17th Harry Potter, Agustin Rey, Reza Okhovat , Joseph Rubio, Manuel Garcia, CrackPr0n

1st SooMighty
2nd Manuel Bermudez Jr
3rd Jose Garcia
4th Amir Amirsaleh
5th Chris S
6th Jaime Orozco
7th Saif, Rio Sengphrachanh
9th Harry Potter, Max Tran, John Reyes, Jamaal Bowie
13th Ed Ma, CJ Bowie, Martin Garcia, Hang Zhao
17th Julian Orozco, Pierre Malek, George Afonso, E Roc

1st ID
2nd Chaotic Blue
3rd Jose Lico
4th Johnathon Charter
5th Yu Namba
6th Jonathon Bigalball
7th Shin ATproof, Professor Gorgeous
9th Roland Ok, John Kim, Crackpr0n, Tom Yee
13th Def, Bob, Edder Cardenas, Jason Gong
17th Mikei, Reza, Mike Bertumen

Good shit guys, awesome tourney i thought. Team tourneys coming soon!


Where was this tourney?


LoL…family fun.


aiite im tired of loosing to the same ppl lol. i think its my destiny to play soo every first or second round of a tourney. i swear last tourney i lost to soo and jaime and i lost to them again this tourney. if i loose to both of em again next tourney i will deifinitely stop playing in ff tourneys lol.


Good shit to everyone who played, looking forward to all the future tournies at Family.


I noticed there were some people recording matches. I hope you guys put up the matches for MvC2 finals, between me and Manuel. So random people that I don’t know, from places that I don’t know would stop flooding my e-mail, and PM box with requests. I personally don’t care about all that shit, but do it for the people! :wink:

Good shit from Alex. Always knew he had that CvS2 talent. And good shit from you too, Sirhenk. If you want, I’ll help you run the MvC2 team tournament.


Sounds like a dope tourney…Keep em’ comin in so cal guys no one out there is playing as much…And J-Cole get that first next go round…GL in Japan…



Hey, what are the characters they’re playing? I need more proof.


1st Alex Flores - Iori,Bison,Sakura/ A-Groove
2nd Gee-o- Chunli, Sagat, Cammy/ P-Groove
3rd Jason Cole- Vega,Cammy,Bison/K-Groove
4th Fortino Montes-Blanka,Bison,??/K-groove
5th Manuel Bermudez Jr-Blanka,Bison,??/K-groove


Jamaal got ocved and taunted:eek: :cool: :smiley:

good job winning Soo
S nigga


tourney ran good, but I was looking foward for that team tourney, but there’s always next time.


Re: Re: 2/8 CvS2, MvC2, GGXX Full Results



Great tourney guys…thanx to everyone who showed up and supporting our tourneys :slight_smile: Congrats to yesterdays winners…you guys played great…Gee-O’s P-Groove Chun Li was amazing! :eek: And anytime Soo plays, its always fun to watch…makes me wanna try and play MvC2 :lol: This was our biggest turn out for our GGXX tourney…thanx to all the ggxx players for showing up and supporting the ggxx scene


Its Jr., well i played like shit in the finals (got raped), but Soo is a killer I underestimated him. CvS2 was fun (dont know how i got 5th), watch out for Alex F. he’s really good. Well torny ran really smooth I’ll definitly go to the next one.

P.S. I hate MSP


what about chars used for ggxx?


ID- Sol
Chaotic Blue - Jam
Jose - Slayer
Johnathan C - Potemkin
Professor Gorgeous - Eddie/Axl
Roland Ok ( me ) - Ky
Yu - Millia
Crackpr0n - Ky/May
Def - Anji
Edder ? - Chipp
ShinATproff - Baiken
NekoKMU/John Kim- Johnny
Bob - Random/Baiken
Mikei - Ino/Slayer
Reza - Ino/Ky
John B - Anji
Jason Gong - May
Tom - Ky
thats all i can remember
this list is not in any particular order, im just listing crap out from my memory


Glad you guys liked it. Team tourney should be in about two weeks. i apologize for lack of updating, my internet has been down for almost a week now ;_; i’m on my friend’s computer and verizon has been keeping me on hold for over two hours then hanging up on me i dont know whats up with that. ill be back soon!


sirhenk: If you don’t mind, I would like to throw a singles tournament, along with the team tournament. The people that couldn’t make it to the last one are asking me to throw a singles tournament, as well as a team one. A team tournament alone would be too short for alot of the out of towners to come for IMO. A MvC2 team tournament would only last 3 hours maximum, with 10 teams. That’s assuming there are enough people to make up 10 teams. I can help you out with whatever is needed. If not, that’s cool. However, people WILL come down if a singles tournament is added. Since there have been absolutely NO tournaments for this game. If the answer is no, I understand. Just a shot :slight_smile:


Yeah, when will the next singles/team tournament be for Marvel? Team RiCo wants to come out and play :).