2/8 Portland 3rd Strike results

2-8-03 Results

3rd Strike
1st Ray Teruya Jr. RaybladeX
2nd Brian Jiang
3rd Val Tonnont
4th Brian Allen
5th Robert Covel Slayer213KIL
5th Jason Conger Mind_Reaver
7th Sam Yatchmenoff Bakemono
7th Lawrence ? LawrencIUM
9th Steve Mesa AcidFingers

Slayer, any chance you could post brackets (ASCII form or whatever)?

I just spent 10 minutes typing up the brackets to learn the the SRK text format screws up the layout and makes them unreadable… :frowning:

So I’m going to post them on my Web site and make a link… give me until the end of the day…

And of course my ISP’s web site isn’t working as it should. So there is no link to post… I’ll provide some half-ass version of the brackets considering that is all circumstances will allow.

Round 1
Brian Jiang vs LawrencIUM
Round 2
RaybladeX vs Bakemono
Slayer213KIL vs Brian Allen
Val vs AcidFingers
LawrencIUM vs Mind_Reaver
Round 3
RaybladeX vs Slayer213KIL
Val vs Mind_Reaver
Round 4
RaybladeX vs Val

RaybladeX is the winner of the Winners Bracket.

Round 1
Bakemono vs AcidFingers
Round 2
Brian Jiang vs Bakemono
Brian Allen vs LawrencIUM
Round 3
Slayer213KIL vs Brian Jiang
Mind_Reaver vs Brian Allen
Round 4 (Battle of the Brians!)
Brian Jiang vs Brian Allen
Round 5
Val vs Brian Jiang

Brian Jiang is the winner of the Losers Bracket.

RaybladeX vs Brian Jiang

RaybladeX is wins the tournament.

yo portland, seems like you guys are tryin to get good in 3s, you guys should look ahead to MWC to see how your skills stack up