2/8 Portland MvC2 results


**Portland (Lloyd Center Tilt) MvC2 results

1st: Jackson Chen - Sent/Cable/Commando
2nd: Eric “StiltMan” Foley - Sent-A/Cable/BH (Cable/BH/Commando, Sent/Cable/Commando, Storm/Sent/Commando)
3rd: Brian Jiang - Sent/Cable/Commando (Mag/Cable/Sentinel, Sentinel/Storm/Clops)**
4th: Phongsack “laos_ninja” Vongsoury - Mag/Sentinel/Cable
5th: Jason “Mind_Reaver” Conger - Mag/Storm/Psylocke, Cable/Storm/Commando (?)
5th: Ricky Nguyen - Mag/Storm/Psylocke, Mag/Cable/Sentinel

Semi finals on, it went about like this…

Winners semis…

Jackson 2 - Phongsack 0
Brian J 2 - Stilt 0

Losers’ quarterfinals

Phongsack 2 - Ricky 1
Stilt 2 - Jason 1

Losers’ semifinals

Stilt 2 - Phongsack 1

Winners’ finals

Jackson 3 - Brian J 2

Losers’ finals

Stilt 3 - Brian J 2

Grand finals

Jackson 4 - Stilt 1

I seriously need to get Cable/BH/Commando back into fighting practice in matchups at the high level. I’m nowhere near as patient with that team as I was at Evo, and it was too valuable an ace-in-the-hole to let it degrade as badly as it has… :bluu:



what about Jackson? What does he need to pracitce?