2 Basic Questions about SF in general

I don’t know if it’s my lack of technical skill or what. But it seems to me like you can’t have more than one projectile out at once. I.E. you can’t use a haduken and then use another one while it’s still on the screen. True?

Also hitting a normal crouch and then comboing into a special move requires you to be crouching forward right? I have to not crouch block and actually crouch forward to chain those moves right?


1: yes, you can only have one projectile on screen at a time. the only exception to this is ryu’s super.

2: you can be holding db when you do your crouching attack if you want to special cancel

Well actually rose’s super has the same properties.

Any “super” fireball will work, in other games too.

Unless you want to chain from a command normal that requires :df:, then no, you can chain from :d: or :db: as long as you time it right and pull off the command correctly.

There are exceptions in some SF games, but this is generally true.

I think Alpha 1 Bison could have 2 fbs on screen? That would be an exception :smiley:

Sagat Kara Fireball is a second exception. Has to do more with the mechanic that goes into performing it circumventing the restriction.

Most (if not all?) Vs games don’t follow the “one fireball at a time” rule, just cause they’re wacky. Not in a bad way, though.

Are you sure? I’ve never seen 2 tiger shots on screen at once.

And the exception I was thinking of was Remy in 3s. Didn’t know about Bison, interesting…

Yeah SFIV Sagat’s tiger shot IS NOT an exception. The first tiger shot MUST BE OFFSCREEN in order to throw the second one. That’s how the kara works in the first place. Without the first tiger shot being offscreen it is physically impossible to kara a tiger shot. Meaning Sagat can never truly have more than one Tiger shot on the screen. Remy in 3S would be a true exception.

Do you mean his EX fireball?

I thought even if you were doing the charge partition thing you still couldn’t throw a projectile until the previous one was gone. But I don’t really play 3s so idk.

Remy can definitely have more than one fireball on screen. Next time u come to Ilazul’s I’ll show you. :lol:

Remy can throw a high LoV(Sonic Boom), then do a Low LoV while the high is still on the screen because they’re both considered different moves. Same property goes for his EX High and Low LoVs.

Oro can have two ex fireballs on screen at once (or an ex plus a regular), because he’s just that awesome.

Well basically any character that has a charge projectile on 3S via charge partitioning which I think are only Oro and Remy.

technically a kara ts is possible, but only with f+lk. I know that you know this and I’m only posting this so no one else gets confused.

Any character with charge moves is capable of partioning in 3s. This includes Alex, Chun and more famously Urien. Again I’m not stating this information because I think you care but the better the flow of info here.

What about Shin Akuma’s Air Fireball? :smiley: :smiley:

You can only have one except for air fireballs. You can have those in abundance

Remy can also throw rapids out with CP in 3S.

and if you get really technical, Akuma and Gouken’s EX fireballs.