2 bat top replacement questions

Sorry I did a search and got no results answering my question on here. Also looked on youtube and looks like the one tutorial I had seen a while ago is now gone on this subject besides the ones I shall mention.

What I’d like to know is simply… can you replace the ball top with the sanwa bat top + adaptor without opening the top of TE stick.

The 3 tutorials I saw recently on youtube all show opening the top and holding the bottom screw with a screwdriver while turning the ball top to remove it. Yet I remember a video tutorial a short while ago showing you can just slightly pull up on the joystick and grip the shaft with a small pair of pliers to stop it from spinning while removing/replacing the ball top.

The only reason I ask this now is because I’m wondering if the mentioned tutorial was removed as it was not a "good idea’ to do the replacement this way, i.e. can cause damage to the shaft or something with the pliers.

Also a 2nd quick question… Is there a way to stop the ball/bat top from spinning freely while playing? (the entire stick I mean) Is it a matter of said bottom screw just being loose and needs to be tightened? Or is it supposed to be this way.

Thank you in advance.

There is no screw on the JLF shaft, it spins freely on its own. And yes you can take off the balltop using pliers but its not recommended. Best way is to open it up, jam a flat head screw driver in the bottom of the shaft and turn.

It can be done with a pair of pliers. Put some cloth around the shaft before gripping. Not sure how much space you’ll have to grip the pliers once you have the battop attached though.

However, I wouldn’t recommend it.

As for your second question, yes, the stick was made to move that way. If the balltop itself is loose, you can definitely tighten it without opening the stick, but it is recommended that you open the stick and use a flathead screwdriver to get the most… tightness between the shaft and balltop.

The stupidity of my second question dawned on me after reflecting on the first lol. doh!

Main reason I was asking about the replacement method was if I have to open the stick up anyways I might as well order and add the seimitsu spring in there at the same time to stiffen it up.

Thank you much for the speedy replies.

I have tried using pliers and screwdrivers to tighten the bat top down, but with use the adapter loosened up. So I super glued the bat top and the shaft cover to keep them from moving. This has worked great for me.

Although it is possible, you are better off just opening the stick up.

Does his TE not have a shaft cover? My MvC TE came with one, so did the JLF i ordered to replace the shitty stick in Wife®’s SE.

Wouldn’t a shaft cover kill any chance of using pliers to hold it, due to the stick being free to spin under the cover?

Just some thoughts :slight_smile:

Honestly, Boogit, just open the stick w/ an allen (hex) wrench, and jam a flat head in there. It’s one of the easiest mods you can do. I mean, aside from changing the feet.