2 brothers kill younger brother for money


2 brothers caught with decomposing body parts of brother in Festac


Lol this happened in Nigeria, wasn’t that man with 6 wives raped to death in Nigeria too?


That’s some extreme Joseph type shit.


Right-o I recall 'twas the Os of Jay, from the land of Ohio which once remarked.

[LEFT]For the love of money [/LEFT]
[LEFT]People will steal from their mother [/LEFT]
[LEFT]For the love of money [/LEFT]
[LEFT]People will rob their own brother [/LEFT]
[LEFT]For the love of money [/LEFT]
[LEFT]People can’t even walk the streets [/LEFT]
[LEFT]Because they’ll never know who in the world they’re gonna beat [/LEFT]
[LEFT]For that mean, oh mean, mean green .[/LEFT]


reminded me of this incident.

a sibling-on-sibling murder just happened this very week in texas. TEXAS! who woulda thunk it? :rolleyes:


Did they at least get a technicolor coat out of it?