2 Custom Sticks Needed : Marine and His Unit Being deployed to Iraq

I need 2 Custom Sticks, decent ones at a good price (havin to buy alot of crazy shit like cell phone jammers and what not for patrols) so dont have a ton of money to spend.

I need 2 for the Unit so we can take our minds off of the suck we’re surrounded by everyday when we’re out in desert.

If anyone feels like making some marines super happy while we’re overseas, Id really appreciate and my guys will appreciate it.

Someone just reply to this thread or msg me at blizzil31337 (@) yahoo. com

God Bless and thank everyone for their generosity and help with this!

semper fi how much are u looking to spend cuz ill try to help you out any way i can just let me know what you need as far a componets and ill try to get it for you

Don’t buy an arcade stick from these crooks jk, get one from a military store.

I doubt the ultra classy PX will have anything close to a joystick, unfortunately.

As someone who has been to Iraq already, just a quick tip: It’s dusty as all hell. I went through two 360’s and my laptop totally shat on me big time. I can’t build a stick from scratch, but if some one is up to task, make sure you seal up the PCB and what not to make it last.

Don’t forget, blizzil: OPSEC!!!

why do you need cell phone jammers, aren’t you guys using Warlocks? don’t waste your money if you don’t have too.

Yes, we use Warlocks but always like having a backup on my person. You never know. I was there in 2006

fatfox13: Awesome Bro - How much you think? Id like to go for durability and quality than flash - how much you think itd cost per stick? I dont know an ass ton about this but would like something sturdy / awesome. :slight_smile:

true enough. I was there in 2004/2005

Anyone have any ideas that can help me out? Lookin to buy ASAP if I can


Can I get some traction on this? Really need to get the ball rolling on at least one stick ASAP

If you had a couple of months, you could wait until I start up my customs business. Can’t do that shit while in class, though.

well it would depend on the parts you would need if you want to run xbox 360 or ps3 or dule system but i have a idea for the case useing a box modled after a amo can with a rubber seal to keep the dust out maby like the case that is used to transport nightvison googles somthing thats dust and watter tight but i have to do a little shoping around to see what i can find as soon as i have the right cases ill get all the parts together and all i would charg you for would be the parts and shipping just to help ya out and i live about 5 min from great lakes navy base so if you had any one in traing we could figure a way to get you the sticks let me know whats up ok

Wish i could help you out man but i dont have anything for you im still waiting for parts myself…but if you need some extra money for some sticks i would be more then happy to help out

i need some details from ya like the setup you prefer 6 or 8 button joystick style ball top or bat top and just some simple stuff like that as far as color goes i was thinking blue and red for a dress pant look or a digi camo (can be done with a pair of used bdus or duster)look or just plan sand colorer i also need a real time frame to get this done as fast as i can and also how big or small does it need to be for your shipping convenience

doublefanboy (Don’t buy an arcade stick from these crooks jk, get one from a military store)
hay i ant no crook I’m going to do this for a man who is serving his country and all he is paying for is parts i would also like to see if there are any ppl who would like to donate parts to the project so we can get this done as fast as possible IE any extra buttons or bords or any parts for that matter that any one has just lying around that otherwise arnt going to be used the only reason i ask is because my parts dealer is out of country right now and lizard lick is not taking orders right now and any other dealers that are out of country take for ever to get parts cleared through customs


I have some parts. Not much, but it would just about take care of one stick. Check your PMs.


You rock man !!! Only need one stick right now bro I dont wanna put your out anymore than you already are besides I dont know if I would be able to afford more than one right now.

Its pretty stupid the amount of crap they make you pay for and all the other crap you need extra before you ship out to really not go crazy or stand a chance out there.

System : XBox 360

This will be for SF4 / HDR so bat / ball is really no biggie, I guess Bat? You think that’s better for SF?

8 buttons would be perfect. Ive heard their are two different kind of buttons, whatever should work, whatever you think is best.

As far as color and stuff man work your magic - rock it for me :slight_smile: I really just need durability and solid playability so whatever you think would work would be perfect.

You make the Marines proud! You guys are amazing for your help.

Semper Fi

spar parts ill take any parts even stuff removed from se fight sticks or hori fight sticks and ill use the best parts out of them so these sticks can last and take a beating

kick ass man! kick Ass!

Saint Gut Free : Thanks for any extra parts you can donate for the guys.

Hey, if you’re doing this, PM me. I’ll donate my balls to the cause. :slight_smile: Just let me know what color.

Keep in mind that I’m 100% out of ruby/red tops. Sorry. I’ve got some of everything else though.