2 different direction results between my TE and HRAP:SA


when I play on my TE i have to throw my wrist more to do a fireball but on my HRAP I dont have to. Both sticks have octo gates in them but can someone tell me why this is happening. I’m so used to throwing my wrist on my TE that when i do it on my HRAP i get the following commands… :d::f: or :d::b:


I think it’s been known for some time now that different batches of JLFs have different feels. Other than that, you might want to check both sticks to see if both are put together right. Also, try swapping them around.


I’ve swapped parts and im still getting the same results


maybe its the case ergonomics. one is making your wrists rest a certain way, making you do those things. eh, changes from people to people


Mounting height, panel shape, panel height, case height. There are so many factors.


ok might have to adjust my wrist or something because even if i ride the gate hard I still miss the DF position.


Could it be a problem with the microswitch? I played on my friends TE and had no problems. I noticed on his TE I can do the input fast and the FB comes out no problem but if I do it to fast on my stick I’m mssing the DB or DF input but if I do it slow I get all the inputs


I thought you said you’d swapped parts?


I did but still having problems should I just buy a new jlf microswitch?