2 FADC's at the same time?

Recently, i’ve been getting 2 FADC’s everytime I do one. It only happens on my TE stick. It works fine on my Hori ex2 and 360 control. Like i’d throw out a regular shoryuken and then FADC, 2 bars gone. Anyone else having this problem?

Edit: Shit yeah

Am I reading this right?

LOL something tells me you should pay attention to the bars you use up when you use your hori and 360 controllers

That is what an EX Focus does.
It uses two EX Bars.

Man, this guy is insane, 2 FADCs at same time hahehahuahu

FADC uses 2 bars too you tard.

After a shoryuken, to Ex Focus Attack costs you 1 bar

Dashing while in EX focus attack cost you 1 bar

Total of 2 for FADC while in a combo.

Well, that made for an interesting read.

Even if not Dash, two EX Bars are used up.
Cancel a move with an EX Focus, and two EX Bars will be gone.

Dashing does nothing to having EX Bar use.

It cost 2 bars to Focus cancel. Dashing doesn’t cost anything extra

Sweet. Now, when I pick my 3v3 team, I can’t turn blue! wtfbbqlol


I know no one reads the manual but DAMN, you should know this by now.

Good ol’ street fighter IV discussion…

To be honest, the game bored me after awhile so I returned and went back to 3s. Got it back and just play, guess the only reason I thought I had 1 bar on the other controls was that I only used them both maybe once or twice and never used them again after.

fail on mah part, dawg.

Every time I try an Ultra my revenge meter goes away? Why is this?

Cause you used it. pssh even I knew that.

Alright. Yeah. Just tested it out. Yeah Ex Focus Attack costs 2 bars. (To a post i made)

Yeah. it’s true.

yep I’m having that problem too… since I started playing SFIV :clown:

this thread is full of win.