2 Fight Sticks, same MAC address?


So here’s something weird.

Just finished modding 2x new Paewang Revolution Sticks. Both working just fine until… we try to use both of them at the same time (on Xbox 360)

Only one stick registers as being plugged in. Seems that whichever one is plugged in 2nd, take precedence as Player 1, leaving the 1st controller unrecognised. Player 2 never comes up.

I’ve tried both sticks with other controllers, other fights sticks and even my current stick which is the same brand purchased about 18 months ago, and everything works just fine.

Plug both Paewangs in at the same time however, and only one registers. I think both PCB’s have the same MAC address.

Is this possible? Does anyone have any solutions? Please help.

I’m thinking the only fix is getting another PCB, which is going to be a pain with a Comp around the corner and I don’t really want to spend time rewiring another PCB in.

Thoughts tech heads? Thanks.