2 Good Gaming Triweekly Results (SFIV/TVC/T6) 4/10 Vids are up

Thanks for coming everyone! We had a really great time and I hope you keep coming!

Also, congratulation to Mark Reyes for winning Super Street Fighter IV!

for more info, please visit 2goodgaming.com

interviews are at youtube.com/2goodgaming

SFIV playlist: http://www.youtube.com/user/2GoodGaming#grid/user/6365B1A4FD0EF9DC

Tekken 6 playlist: http://www.youtube.com/user/2GoodGaming#grid/user/168BD70C2A27E1EF

TVC Playlist: http://www.youtube.com/user/2GoodGaming#grid/user/4F80E4A6E0476942

Street Fighter IV


1: K.P
2: Tea Boss
3: Vicious
4: Mark
5: Dj Vest
5: Futile
7: Klumzyrice
7: SY
9: Jason
9: Akagi
9: Kryo
9: KornBeaner
13: Evan
13: Nam
13: DJcream (northCal)
13: Crushingyen
17: BatSamus
17: soKal
17: Rukuso
17: lainysky
17: Joonthebaboon
17: RandomRaptor679
17: RandomUltraDavid
25: Hamburgler

Tatsunoko vs Capcom


1: RoyalFlush
2: LL.nd
3: Rayzyrbyrn
4: Tronzilla666
5: Nam
5: BB Hood
7: CommanderMike
7: DJcream (northCal)
9: john

Tekken 6
1: Cal
2: matrix matt
3: Dj Vest
4: shoo
5: KornBeaner

hahahahahhaa yes!!! i wasn’t last place!!

awesome tournament guys, we’ll definitely be at the next one

Yes great tournament…
Looking forward to the next one =].

Good job to Hugo101 aka K.P for winning the tournament.

Gotta love the Dan vs. Dan mirror matches for Loser AND Grand Finals HAHA!! …Epic!

Good shit guys! Thanks again!

Awesome for my first tournament, it was super fun to play NOT online and get some feedback; commentating was an unexpected treat as well. Mark is a lucky dude!

Tea Boss???

Yooo good shit Tea Boss…haha…

Awesome tourney! ggs to all.

Great tournament, I had fun mingling with the SoCal scene. Shoutouts to RoyalFlush and the TvC2 crew for some fun matches. Obviously, I won’t be able to make it down for a run back so good luck with future tourneys.

Where are the interview vids at ;P?

Too bad I didn’t get to play you at all! From what I saw, you had a good grasp of the game for not actually playing too seriously. Keep repping that Melty Blood.

all the matches and some interviews r up at youtube.com/2goodgaming

I will definitely be coming to future tournaments. GG’s to those I played. Wish more TvC people showed.

Next Tournament is May 1st right?