2 hits with heavy spiral arrow

so i have been in the lab with cammy for the past couple of days now and my bnb was c.lp c.lp c.mp h.spiral arrow…which is a 4 hit combo and is not able to fadc as you would in super. So my after testing on most of the cast i found out that instead of using a c.mp, to use a c.mk which would give you 2 hits with the heavy spiral arrow and you can fadc out of it to maintain pressure. just my 2 cents hopes this helps some of the few remaining cammy players out the :slight_smile:

Sometimes! I find that a punish combo, close HP into either crouching MP or MK (because I suck at standing HP link) will sometimes hit once with SA depending on the character. I’ll try this more with other combos though, good to know!

This does help. Thanks!

yea also try ending combos with a s.HP it hits 2x all the time…I use c.lp x2 s.HP xx spiral arrow
*Note that the MK spiral arrow does more damage than HK Spiral arrow but the HK sprial arrow leaves you in a better position to do a crossover Spiral Arrow…depends on what you wanna go for

cr.lk/lp cr.lp st.hp~mp~lp should be like a 3 frame link to hit with… something.

First two frames is cr.lp cr.lp far hp xx 2 hit hk arrow
Third frame is cr.lp cr.lp far lp xx 1 hit hk arrow

Only problem is if you miss time it really late (so don’t do that) and get blocked far hp xx arrow
Or if far lp whiffs :frowning:

I like to use CLK CLP SHP Heavy arrow then i can fadc and do CLK CLP SLP SHP Heavy arrow its my favy or if you have enough meter you can fadc the SLP SHP DP fadc ultra.