2 "if's" about past matches

Strangely, both all involve wong… but w/e…

  1. If wong lost to X in the TX match, eons ago, do you think the whole “Wong Is Marvel” thing would still be consistant? That is, if desmond eliminated him…

  2. If Daigo didn’t parry the full super, do you think there would have been a possibly different outcome at the end of the third set?

Without the full Parry, 3s wouldn’t have its newly found fanbase.

no joke

All other things being equal, he either would have been KOed by chip damage, or he would have eaten a full hoyoku-sen. Momentum = gone.


Disagree about the fanbase thing. At Evo2k4, 3s had something like the 2nd or 3rd most signups of any game IIRC. The Parry certainly helped, but I think what really took the scene off was seeing the Japanese destroy people in a past Evo (2k2?)…remember, much of America still thought Ryu > Ken and had no idea what the likes of Yun & Makoto could do, so this was a revelation for us. Ricky’s almost-win over Daigo at 2k3 may have helped things a bit as well, since that had to have given people a glimmer of hope that maybe we could beat Japan.

There’s also the massive amount of combo & match videos out there. Seriously, 3s people are the most dedicated when it comes to vids, and I am positive that this has been a major factor. For a smaller-scale example of this, there’s Naruto GNT4: An import-only Gamecube game that is stereotyped by some as anime-con scrub material, but still has a much larger tournament scene here than, say, any SNK game or DOA. One of the main reasons is the amount of videos; it started with The WiLL in Florida, who uploads the majority of matches from every tournament he hosts, then this got other communities interested in the game and they started holding tournaments and releasing vids, and so on. So for anybody who’s trying to draw interest in a fighting game that doesn’t have a big scene, here’s one of the things you absolutely need to do.

So, what was my point again? Oh yeah, The Parry didn’t have as big an impact as people think. 3s would still be one of the most popular tournament games, as it already was even before The Parry!

Honestly, i had never even played 3s until i saw the full parry vid. But the other thing that helped get 3s where it is now is the anniversary edition.

Yeah, definitely the collection helped boost popularity. IMO more so than the Daigo parry. I bought the collection when it first came out and didn’t really play it seriously. I only got serious when I found out my campus had an arcade and the rest was history…

I’ve asked a bunch of people why they started playing 3s and I still haven’t met anyone that started 3s based soley on Daigo’s parry. I’ve actually shown the vid to a bunch of friends, in hopes of getting them motivated to start playing, but they don’t really seem to care that much.


i know about a dozen people that would not have been playing fighting games if not for that one moment.
a dozen. for real.
compare that to about the three people that i could get interested in fighting games before the full parry.

When I saw the parry vid, I was like “I’ve never seen this game before, what the hell are they playing?”. Nope I know half a dozen people who picked up 3s just cause they saw that vid.

i meant in the sense of winner of the set. daigo loses, then wins. what do you speculate would have happened, especially if wong beat daigo. is it possible that the us 3s scene would be greater or lesser?

I really doubt that the parry video was what made people get into 3s. Perhaps it got people who were already familiar with fighting games into 3s; for people that were not familiar with fighting games or even hated them, however, it might’ve sparked their interest for a short while before they got tired of it again. In a sense, 3s was probably like a fad for the latter group of people.

For that group of people, it’s pretty inefficient to play a game like 3s; they have to learn the basics, like specials and supers, and then endure months worth of losing before thye even become partially decent. There are many other games avaliable, such as games in the FPS and Sports genres where people don’t need to learn much in the ways of execution before becoming gratified with headshots or three point shots, so the obvious question is: Why bother with 3s?

People who already play fighting games would find that question to be silly, but for most casual gamers, it seems more silly to even bother with 3s.

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I remember ricky ortiz had kendibu(sp?) in blanks custom w/ a pixel of life ;(

Honestly, I think the game would be less popular here if Wong had won.

Yes, it was the least popular of the big 3. Now its the most popular. It lost to MvC2 and CvS2 that year, and only beat out the 3d games. Now, it tops the rest. Thanks to that video (and the release of AE with 3s on it).


I picked up AE cuz hype about the Daigo parry was still fresh. But I got bored of it shortly after lol.

Yeah I can also say I know several people who picked up the game after seeing the parry vid.

Well, after seeing the vid, and getting the dvds, it made me seriously try 3s for the first time this year. Now my friends & I battle in 3s sometimes. We still fall back to MvC2 though.

Wong winning that match wasn’t what made him know at marvel.

Wong winning Evo 4 times in a ROW!!! was what made him…Marvel?.

Seriously Wong winning that match was really one of his lesser accomplishments, even tho that is also tied with Daigo’s parry for best comebacks in FG history.

Oh and Daigo’s parry is Probley the Best moment in 3s history to date. Seriously i know that that moment helped 3s alot, but Wong getting that comeback didn’t help marvel all that much, just gave it another Marvel Epic moment.

Marvel FTW

Yeah, but Wong wouldn’t have been the whole “undefeated 4 times marvel champion”… I think less people would have been intimidated by him if Desmond took him out.

That’s just my opionion though…

btw: gouki, suck my left nut, Sheng Long was defeated a long time ago beeyotch.