2-in-1 Ryu's Super?


in that combo vid, ryu is 2-in-1’ing into his super from normals.

is there a special technique I don’t know about or something?
because every time I try to do it, it doesn’t work lol
my efforts are so futile, it leads me to believe that it’s impossible to do,
but then I look at this vid…

any explanations?

You have to buffer it from the normal. So if you were going to cancel cr.MK into super you’d go: :qcf:, :d:+:mk:, :df::r:+:p:

It’s not too hard after you get the hang of it. Just keep practicing.

thx for the reply. super fast! haha

The combo against Cammy at the end is neat.

^ This. Hit training mode, apply auto block, apply infinite super and get your practice on.

While in big combos I often snuff the super, I can somewhat reliably pull off crouching forwards into super. This is ideal on downed opponents who assume you’re going for an overhead. The forward catches them, and then they eat a super.

On dizzied characters I also like to smash out a crouching fierce into super. Its usually a deal closer.

i tried this and it worked so i tried it with everyone having problems with fei long :< does his c.lk link to super?

I don’t know about cr.LK but I think his st.LP and cr.LP can be cancelled. I don’t use him so I may be wrong.

Nope. Fei Long’s ability to combo from normals is slim. He’s a chain monster though.

Fei Long’s interruptibles are any jab, close short, close strong, close forward, and close fierce.