2-in-1 Super Combo Tutorial Video for SFHD

I read a few posts around here asking about 2-in-1 into Super combos, so I went ahead and made a quick little Tutorial video for those who are interested in performing them.

The video is very basic, and it doesn’t touch on the strategies where super combo buffering can be practically applied. It’s simply a video of how to execute the combo in it’s simplest form. Personally I have still yet to use this technique consistently in a real match. It’s nice to know that I can do it though.

I don’t claim to be very good at SFHD, so the fact that I can pull off simple 2-in-1 super combos means that any player can, and so I hope this little video can help out.’

HAH forgot the video link…



lol I was just about to ask for the vid

Forgive me asking this question without me actually watching the video (I would, but I can’t from work), but in this video, do you cover all four ways of comboing into a super? Negative Edge, Motion Partitioning, Charge Partitioning, and Renda Kara Cancelling?

If you don’t know what I mean…lemme copy from my upcoming FAQ…which is still a work in progress…

Sorry if I just gave you more work to do, but I’m sure you don’t mind that much in the interest of being thorough. Hey…at least you get to play some more! :slight_smile:

Wow, nice work. Appreciate it, thanks!

No I didn’t cover all 4 ways to combo into the super. The only one I covered was motion partitioning. I wanted the video to be very small and simple and and used as a starting point, as opposed to overwhelming them with various amounts of information.

This tutorial is VERY basic. However, I think they can figure other options once they learn the very basics by taking the time to experiment.

I understand keeping it basic. That’s cool. It’s just that I’ve read questions about all four methods in all of the forums. I plan on covering all of the bases and leaving it up to the player to determine how to take each method on. I think people would like to see all four methods demonstrated.

It would be nice to be able to point to your videos in my FAQ, too. :slight_smile:

(Yes…I’m trying to persuade you to do all four. I have no shame in my game. You could do four separate videos. A series, if you will. Please?) :slight_smile:

Heh, I hear ya, I’ll see what I can do. If I have time to make more videos I will, no promises though, I’m do lead a busy life with school and work on my plate :D.

Hey…right there with you! I got a family and work. Do what you can.

Not really a two in one but most chars can also link into super. If someone is truly going to cover all bases of supers in combos, that should be included as well.

Well…see…that’s why it’s not included. There’s no special method when it comes to linking a super. You just do the move and then immediately do the super motion, timing it so that you input the last direction and press the button right when the first move ends. Linking a super is just like linking a special move and just like linking a normal attack except the ST game engine becomes Johnny 5 because it needs…

MORE…INPUT!!! (Insert rimshot here) Thank you. I’m here all week, folks.

Heh…being the SNES SSF2 Link FAQ writer, I did think of that. But, seriously, if you could do some special method to link a super after a move, then you’d be far better off doing it to actually 2-in-1 into it and making sure that it connects.

Anyway, be sure that I’ll include links into supers on my updated link FAQ when I expand it to include combos. I sure hope that happens soon.

I agree with some of your points but, I would much rather do simpler input in crucial situations. If I can link off a particular normal and it is possible for it to combo, I will always opt for the link over the Kara/Renda cancel. It’s less tricky and if you do it properly, you have just as much chance of “making sure that it connects”. Keep in mind, I’m only talking links to super that actually guarantee continuation of the combo when done properly.

Also, tbh, I don’t really see where you need more input over other methods. In fact, Kara/Renda cancels require more input because you need the additional button presses.

Again, you make some good points and I could see why you would not include it but if you are gearing this towards new players…chances are they don’t even know what moves link into super if they even know that it is even possible. In fact, some might not even know what a link is for that matter =)

Anyway, just my two cents. I mentioned it mainly for completeness sake.

Great work, man! Should benefit a lot of the new players we’re getting. :smile:

This seems like apples and oranges to me. Is there any single normal where you have a choice of linking OR renda cancelling to super? You are talking about different normals, right? Meaning entirely different applications.

It’s like saying “I’d always opt for landing a shoryuken over a hadoken because it does more damage”. Different things are used in different situations.

Basic, but definately helpful. Thanks!