2-in-1's allowing for illegal juggles?

Okay maybe the 3s heads out there can answer me a question.

2-in-1s, I don’t really know the exact meaning of this but I have heard it used before and it seems like the right way to term what is happening but anyway onto the real question.

I am playing Necro, in the corner I have hugo and I am going to stun him with my next move, that move is back+fp and for those of you not familiar with necro this launches the opponent high into the air, normally you can follow this with a variety of things up to a maximum of four extra hits. So I do db+fp,jab,db+fp,jab and if I tried to do anything after it wouldn’t hit because the juggle limit would have been reached, except for if I cancel that last jab into the electricty (dp+lp), this should be an illegal juggle, since after the db+fp, jab series the juggle count has been reached. Why is this comboing? Is this what is meant by a 2-in-1 a cancel that hits so fast it might as well have been an auto combo on the first hit? Does this allow for illegal juggles with any other characters?

2-in-1 (or cancels) are when 2 moves done consecutively and the 2nd move interrupts the the animation of the first one (ie. Ken’s Strong => Fierce). Stun in general will allow illegal combos, just watch any KSGY video.

no stun does not allow for illegal juggles. Thanks for the input though but even when stunned characters are still subject to the normal juggle limit of 6 hits, unless stunning resets the juggle counter but if it did then I should be able to get 6 hits after my b+fp not four (or five when I cancel that last jab into dp+lp). Oh and once again I’m not trying to be an ass, so thanks for the input.

yes, it allows for more hits. If you hit them right after the last hit with something, it will work. Implemented I guess to allow multi-hit specials to get full hits at the end of juggles? I dunno…

In anycase, It’s used with Urien a lot… Aegis after last tackles hits, j.HP people after final Aegis, ending juggles with s.MP into headbutt,etc.

oh yeah… Having stun bar full gives you more leeway for this Ithink as well.

a 2-in-1 is like c.mk, df, f p for c.mk fireball, mp->hp is not a 2 in 1

“2in1” or buffering, for the most part, will only count as 1 juggle move.

stun bar allows for more juggling that arent possible before

The way i understand it, is that you hit them out of hit reel animation. Like linking, only they’re in the air. So you arent juggling them in juggle state, as that has expired by then, you’re hitting them out of hit reel, allowing for that extra hit.

yeah actualy thats a great way to explain it. Your basically performing a link in an air combo.

Thanks for everyones input. Another character that benefits fromt his is akuma with his jab into hp shoryuken or rh tatsumaki.

That is correct but I’d like to add a few things:

If you do one of these “juggle links” it doesn’t change the way the juggle counter increases. You can’t do cr.HP, st.MP XX EX Headbutt and expect to combo afterwards even if the st.MP did “link” with the ex headbutt.

As soon as you perform one of these “links” the hit stun on the next hit (what you’re linking into) will be decreased to almost zero. That’s why you can end a dudley combo with ->+MK XX HP Upper and have the second hit miss. I say “almost” because sometimes you can get more hits like with cr.HP, EX Headbutt, st.MP XX EX Headbutt.

When I understand these properties better I’ll post an update.

Note: the above urien combos are done on stunned opponents.

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“linking” is real confusing term for people raised on OG games… :stuck_out_tongue:

What about supers? Don’t some reset the juggle limit? How does that work? It’s just certain supers right and nothing fancy?

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Yes. Certain supers will reset the juggle count. Thes that come to mind are dudley’s uppercut super and most (if not all) fireball supers.