2 keyboards 1 computer versus mode? (SFIV)

hey guys so i got this awesome game today(SF4), and i was wondering if i could plug 2 keyboards into my computer, and then setup the controls for them. I’ve heard ppl do it, but when i search it up on youtube or google, ppl are saying its impossible bringing my hopes down D: is there some way i can play with my friend on the same computer with 2 keyboards without buying some expensive cra.p?


I think you can do this but keys will conflict (it will behave as if there is only 1 keyboard). So as long as you don’t both use the same inputs you should be fine. a good setup imo would be P1 ikjl for up down left right asd for punches zxc for kicks and P2 8546 on the numpad for up down left right and insert home pgup delete end pgdn for punches and kicks.

i am not sure you can have 2 diffrent player using keyboard inputs on SFIV, it is either player one or player 2, i might be wrong though, if i am the guy above gave the answer, just don’t map the same button for both players and everything will go fine.

also don’t cheat since you will basically have control of both character on both keybnoard as he said, no matter how many keyboard are plugged on the computer the game can’t make them out from one another, unlike it does for gamepads.

on a side note you could use a third party program that records keyboard input and use them to emulate a stadart gamepad.

Also last tips

-playin sfIV on a keyboard is really bad for your wrist’s sinews.

-You should also be aware of the fact that the one using the ps/2 keyboard is going to have an edge over the guy using the USB keyboard (unless it is one of these Razer overclocked polling keyboard)

-don’t play zangief with a keyboard, i am serious, if you really want to you might want to think about mapping jump to something you can hit with you thumb like the space bar

I’d recommend not playing the game on a keyboard and at least finding a wired xbox 360 controller or an arcade joystick.

I know that wasn’t your question I’m just informing you that it’s really not a good idea.