2 little problems:mini-usb jack on wireless stick and design

hi, i want to build a wireless ps3 stick and wanted to integrate a mini-usb jack into the box but cant find a female to male wire! can somebody tell me where i could find one? or maybe any other solutions?
for example could i also use more than one adapter or would this have any drawbacks?

i could also use some suggesstions for the design!
i want to go with a akuma templete like this one (same artwork)

but i just cant decide if i should go with white sides and buttons,red ones or maybe a combination of both!

every tip is very appreciated!

please i really need help on this?
how have other people solved the problem of charging their wireless ps3 stick?
i think i could just use a mini-usb to usb converter and let the usb jack stick out the box but id rather have a mini-usb jack…
and not even any suggestions on the design?
c’mon pleeeeeeeaaaase


I’m modding my TE to be wireless and I’m planning on feeding the
charging cable to the cable storage compartment. Then when I need
to charge I just open the door and pull out the charging cable. Easy

its all here



pick out your own color buttons

i made a thread about this last week. i went the monoprice way at first, it was really cheap, but the problem was i didnt want to cut into my hrap case at all, not even internally that is unseen. with the two adapters (female mini/male type A and the female/female type A) connected to the male mini\male type A cable would not fit without cutting.

i ended up buying a mini usb extension cable from here: http://www.pc-mobile.net/gugf.htm

the CMUE2 mini usb extension. it ended up costing $15, but its a lot cleaner install if you have limited space to work with.

that says it is 1.5 meters long. you stuffed that whole cable in there?

pretty much. the hrap3 has no windows for anyone to see the ugliness inside.

i used the adapters and I thought it turned out pretty decent

Except I kinda forced it in the case I had already painted and messed it up a little

i’d definitely use the adapters if i didnt have to cut plastic on my hrap case.

Heres my adapter I got it from buyextras.com
BXT USB A Female to Mini B 5-pin Female Adapter sku 10170

thx a lot!
didnt think about the most obvious solution to just take a mini usb into usb cable and a a usb to mini usb femal adapter…:wonder:
edit:just tried to order from buyextra,but cant because im not from the us…
could i also use more than one adapter or would this have any drawbacks?

how come you didn’t rotate the pcb so that the output wire is not like hitting the side wall?


i had already cut the top panel that way not realizing. Either way it works fine

hi first i’ll say i’m a really nooooob stick guy seem few vids on youtube on how to mod madcatz stick own a SE myself trying to mod to wireless but i got no clue from where to start found 0 vids bout wireless mod so if any of ya nice enought to give me some advice i’ll love ya alot