2 LS-32's , different feels


Hey tech heads,

I have had a Seimitsu LS-32 in my HORI VLX Premium Hayabusa (red one) since a few weeks after I got it a couple of months ago. I love it and have added a Phreakmods Link and 1mm actuator to it. Works great, I love the thing. I haven’t cleaned it or added any grease to it at all. I got another LS-32 to go in my TE2 with the same setup, phreakmods and 1mm actuator, and it feels loose as all heck. The one in the HORI feels tight and responsive but the one in my TE2 feels loosy goosy. What could be the issue? Could there be TOO much grease in/on the new one? I don’t know what to do as I was expecting a similar feel to my other one but this sucks. At first I thought it was the different mounting plate making the throw longer so I put a “flat” plate on it and same thing. Can anyone please provide some advice? Can there be a huge difference like this between same model joysticks? Thanks for any replies in advance.


Perhaps the springs were made in different manufacturing runs and weren’t quite on spec target.


Should I just maybe buy a new spring for it?


That is exactly what he is suggesting.


You could, but be aware the spec might be for a weaker spring and the stronger one could be the one out of spec, or it could be different from both of the ones you already have. What you can try is getting some fiber washers from a hardware store that will fit under the bell of the actuator. By adding tension to the spring, you make it more tense during movement. Thin washers can be stacked under the bell, but probably wise to use no more than 2, if that many will even fit. Most likely a washer will need to have the inner diameter of the hole widened a bit, which you can easily modify with some sandpaper.


Ok thanks for your help


might be a long shot but…

i have about 10 sticks in my current usage rotation (have 50+ help me…), PS3 / PS2 / DC / og XBOX

all the sticks im using have a JLF lever in them, og TE’s, og HRAP’s, og TE’s with custom panels, HRAP V3 kai, VSHG, og VLX, custom wood case.

all the JLF’s feel different, personally i feel its because of the panel they are mounted on combined with the size and weight of the enclosure.

the best feeling JLF for me is the one on my og TE, and the worst is on my wood case or VLX

when i switch the levers between them, its the same result, the JLF feels better on the TE.

TL:DR switch the LS32’s and you will find that you find that the ‘loosey goosey’ one from the TE2 feels tight in the VLX


I think most of that is psychosomatic


Also, if you bought/traded those ls32 with a member one them might be a ls38. Ive gotten 2 joysticks that different ppl got in a trade and said it was a ls32.