2 Months into SSF4 and

I still keep jumping between characters. Yes, I read the Kelter Skelter guide, and props to him… it’s a great guide but I just keep jumping between characters. I’ve jumped through all of these characters: Seth, Abel, Blanka, Guy, Rose, Ibuki, Juri and Cammy. The whole time I’ve had this game I’ve been hitting training mode mostly and playing with friends using most of the characters because I find them all really cool in a unique aspect each one. Now I’m considering Ryu… ;-;. I know this thread is sort of pointless but are there any more pointers around aside form Kelters guide?

pick dan

Don’t pick Ryu

pick Dan, but not Ryu?.. isn’t Dan more like a joke character? and I haven’t jumped to dan yet because I really don’t like how he is. He’s one of the few I haven’t used yet for a reason. No offense to dan users. Tatsumaki may you please explain why not ryu?

Arcane is just giving you a hard time for making this pointless thread and tatsumaki trolls every thread he sets foot in.

Anyway, if you really want some advice on what character to pick, perhaps you should say what things you liked in each of the characters you tried, or what things you are looking for in a character? It may turn out there is a character who has several/all of those aspects. Otherwise you’re just going to get redirected back to Kelter’s guide.

Okay, well then I’ll just put the things I liked in each of them I guess?
Seth: Had basically attacks for any kind of range. He also looked a LOT like the silver surfer+Dr. Manhattan… ( I use the Dr. Manhattan color every time I use him).
Abel: To me Abel had a mix of wrestling and non-wrestling moves, I hate purely wrestling but he had other good options aside from grapple attacks.
Blanka: Looked like Beast+Hulk, which i found purely badass.
Guy: Had diverse unique attacks.
Rose: Covered Range.
Ibuki: (I use Bang Shishigami in Blazblue, she had that kunai thing going on and it attracted me… sort of).
Juri: Looked cool and also had speed and range covering kicks.
Cammy: speed and range covering kicks.

I know they are really varied things I liked in each of these characters, but if it also helps I’ll give additional information on things I’m trying to look for: Being upfront, but can also keep distance just in case, hate grapple only characters, I like being to cover a bit of range at least (doesn’t have to be necessarily projectile, nd by a bit of range i refer to not having to be close up 24/7 just to be able to get a bit of damage in).

Kind of varied things really… :S

I apologize for my rashness and troll like behaviour. Give Viper a try.

Just fucking pick one. It’s not the end of the world.

Half of being good at this game is just knowing the match ups. Knowing a match up means you know how to fight X character with Y character(which moves beat what, etc.). If you’re constantly picking new characters you’re going to learn how to fight 3 characters with 7 different characters.

You need to learn how to fight 35 characters with 1 character.

Pick a character. Learn the match ups. Do it now.

For a new player Ibuki, Seth, Abel and Cammy will be hard to learn how to use correctly. They require skills that you do not possess. They’re very mixup based which requires you to know what your oppoent is going to do before they do it based on what they have done so far in the match. The rest of those characters can be played even if you’re “not all there” with your abilities. They have footsies and can play a reactionary game. But, really it doesn’t matter. You just need to pick one.

OP will be playing Ryu within a month

A recurring theme I noticed is that you like being able to control lots of space, having good pokes, and versatility in playstyle.

If you’re willing to put the time into learning her, C.Viper sounds like a strong choice. Otherwise, I’d go with Rose.

All right, thanks. I just used C.Viper in general to see her moves etc… because I’m going out to eat soon and she seems like a really cool character. Flame kick, electrical punch,etc… I may sound kinda nooby now, but her moves make me drool a bit… they look flashy and cool. I’ll try to stick to her, from what I’ve seen she looks like a character I’ll really like.

what’s wrong with using all of them??

I was jokingt about C. Viper and that other guy who told you to use him I wouldnt bother if you just picked the game up. She is such a unique character your better off picking up anyone other than Viper until you know the game mechanics

It’d be extremely difficult to master a character or get good at the game.

BS, how many characters does Arturo use?? like 5?? & many other players mess around with other characters in casuals…it’s just natural to use more than one. that they play better with one character & use them almost exclusively in tournaments?? yeah, but so what
i think it’s far more important to have fun & actually enjoy playing the game

Good luck with that.

To be honest just dont have a main until you naturally have one.

The main thing right now is to understand what it takes to win. Look up strategy for any the characters you feel like playing at certain time. Apply them and you’ll slowly learn general strategy and game mechanics. Maybe months down the line you’ll start to naturally click with a character. Only thing is… don’t ignore any character. Give everyone a chance.

Read Kelter Skelter’s guide a few more times.

Thread closed.

Citing a player such as Arturo like what he does is normal is not a good example. Arturo may play a lot of characters; however, when shit gets serious he usually falls back to his main: Sim.
More power to you if you have fun playing a bunch of characters and not worryin about mastering any of them. But if you want to become competitive, then you will have to pick a main and learn that character inside and out.

This guy has just got the game and your talking about Arturo Sanchez? Get a grip you loner. Just pick your favourite character and make them good. No point in using Ryu or Guile because they are ‘good’ if you dont like them.

Viper is the most advanced SF character ever created so stay away from her until your proficient with the game.

… I could just stick to her and work hard you know?..

By all means go for it. I had a go at maining her but I couldnt be bothered to put the work in. Shes not worth the effort IMO. Yes she has good mix ups and you get the respect points for playing her well but be prepared to put in 10x the amount of work other ppl do to just be on a par with them