2 Mortal Kombat Panels (which do you prefer)

Im going to mod my TE with a new panel in preperation for MK.

There is the custom one, vs the official madcatz.

It seems like the madcatz buttons are squished and a bit tilted, as can be seen here and here


Vs the custom panel:

Which looks more like a traditional MK3 style stick.

What’s with the difference, I thought madcatz would look more like the mk3 style? I think I may prefer it.

its more of an ergonomics thing,
its more straining to hit buttons in a straight layout than one in a slanted layout

e.g try playing SF on an astro city layout vs american straight layout

I would go with the Madcatz panel. Looks more comfortable.

But then, I’ll be playing MK9 on the standard TE layout anyway.

the Madcatz one.

you can wait for the person to get the madcatz template of the MK panel then ask him to make it if it’s cheaper.

I don’t like the MadCatz one, it isn’t the way the old MK arcade cabinets were setup. I think the slanted buttons looks stupid.

I prefer old school, but if your not used it, you might be better off with the MadCatz.

Have you seen the one coming out with MK9?

Mortal Kombat Tournament Edition for Xbox 360 | GameStop

I’m definitely gunna pick one up…most likely will pre order it…I don’t wanna miss out

I have the MadCatz panel, picture here, and I can say from playing the MK9 Demo, it feels great to me. I can hit all the buttons easily with my hand in a comfortable position. I have zero complaints about it. I’ll also be getting the official Tournament Edition with the game, so when I get that I’ll make a comparison as to which layout feels the best to me.

You better hurry, they are starting to sell out at many retailers.

I’m hoping the lack of fighting game interest in my town will guarantee me one of them. I plan on pre-ordering one this weekend…it’s only five bucks to pre-order. But Darkar is right, in big cities and areas with better fighting game scenes these things are gunna go quick. They sure are pretty.