2 new clips

Hey guys I have 2 new clips on my site (in the games section)
if you could give me feedback on these clips i would greatly appreciate it, thanks in advance.

ps. the Ulysses match is a good example of wall start… (how do I beat that?)
The city hunter match is just nice, focus on that one, because I am now a k grove player (from n)

the one against cityhunter is a nice one to watch, good kyo and joe imo never saw joe…

u do have to learn to JD those projectiles athena shoots, u couldve had rage before her almost…

ulesses match… well if u mean crossing up as that wall start… umm just dp them, even if they cross u up, the dp comes out in the direction ur opponent is in, and if it wouldnt hit, u should do with blanka charge down, up +k , at least ur out of that wall then… with sagat dp+k to get out…

id say ur k-groove is better, could use a bit improvement JDing projectiles dude :wink: but for the rest, pretty good imo

quick comments on Ulesses vs Obot:

Geez Obot, what the heck are you doing with Sak? You’re not playing on a pad are you? It’s ok to push some buttons every now and then… :lol:

00:15- This was a free combo right there. Instead you just did d.MP. The best combo would of been s.LP, s.HK xx HP shouken or at the very least d.LK, d.LP, s.LK xx HP shouken bnb combo. You need to make sure you’re always 100% ready to combo from light attacks if you’re going to play Sak. That’s probably her greatest strength.

Overall: You’re not moving at all when you play Sak. The only time you ever try to attack is by either super jumping in, running, and/or rolling. This is terrible. To get an offensive going with any groove Sakura you have to control the ground first. You do this by walking in and out of your opponent’s range and sticking a few s.HK’s in his face first. Far s.HK is by far Sakura’s most dominate ground attack. Don’t be afraid to use your walk!

If you don’t want to attack, at least build your meter in some way. I personally whiff a lot of s.MP’s, jump back HP’s, and dive kicks.

EVERY time your opponent jumps, you should always be anti-airing him to the ground. I used to have this problem too. You just stand there and block everytime Rugal jumps in…

01:00- Don’t poke with d.HK. You’re at -14 everytime the opponent blocks. A s.HK, followed by a possible low jump forward MK or something would of been better here.

Why are you walking away so much?

01:22- Rugal cross up MK, d.LK, d.LK, repeat cross up MK is NOT a trap. Either roll out of the way, anti air him with jump back MP or d.HP, or just walk under the cross up.

Overall: You’re not anti-airing at all. Use Sak’s s.HP, d.HP, and jump back MP depending on the angle of the jumpins. d.HP in 90% of cases will suffice.

01:32- You can stop your run with anytime with s.LP. It’s way better than just skidding to a stop like you did here.

I’ll post more comments later to try and help you out if you’re still interested. Elflatulento plays Sakura pretty decent in the Boston match video you’re hosting. You should watch the basic stuff my amigo does with Sak. Ignore the A-groove combos. Basic Sakura strategy can be applied to any groove.

thanks for the tips guys,
so far every thing you have said is true.

I’m watching the Ulysses match.

Rugal vs Sakura

  1. Don’t walk away like all the time.
  2. When you have huge openings, do a combo. Even a simple one like cr hp -> dp+hp.
  3. Anti-air him when he jumps like a billion times in a row. Sakura has good anti-airs (cr hp)

Rugal vs Blanka

  1. General, use vertical jump hp as anti-air. If he blocks vertical ball, sometimes he can hit you back. Also vertical ball has less priority if you don’t RC.

Ryu vs Blanka

  1. You have enough time to whiff cr lk, RC electrcitiy if he tries to cross you up.
  2. If you can’t deal with him crossing you up because you can’t RC electricity, trade with him wiht a L1 super to get him off you.
  3. As a last resort, RC back hop.
  4. Repeated crossups is not a viable wall start

Ryu vs Sagat

  1. Push some buttons instead of blocking seven consecutive crossup mks.
  2. Do the crossup uppercut: f to db + P.
  3. Hell, just do uppercut. Ryu’s jump isn’t that fast, you can uppercut on reaction. Why do you just block everything. (around 3:20-3:31)

EDIT: I’m watching the other video now. I’m unable to post comments because that Kyo is making me burst out into peals of laughter and I can’t type anything. omg it’s K`!

Yo obot, i talked to u on Aim earlier, do that and do this.

i find it easier to press left to downleft softly when i jd, try that.

and kyo is about the knockdown. mix it up after the knockdown. and the joe player, at the end, could have won because the gaurd was about to break and because of chip damage.

I was the joe player :confused:
cross up are my weekness… I will use all this advice!

Yeah as long as you know what your weakness is and try to get better you will. I agree you got KILLED with crossups. Ryu had about 15 free level 3s that he missed too. You could’ve rolled, dp’d either early or late, jump back fp, roll then super from behind while he’s falling, counter roll or attack, lots of things. Work on those, and also when he kept jumping in on your Sagat you could’ve activated and supered him. And work on implementing more tick throws too, especially if he’s gonna sit there and try to jd all day.

Kyo was OK…but there are some things that shouldn’t have happened:

-Starting a round with qcf+K… This move is very punishable and the risks outweight the rewards

-Missing too many JDs…

-Missing FREE combos after JDs… example, when athena sweeps and gets jd’d that’s a free combo…

-Not finishing connected HP aragami chain… this leaves you WIDE open for retaliation… In general, aragami chains are best used in combos starting usually with c.MP…

-Just standing and jabbing on a knockdown… you have to do a little more to mix up with Kyo… try empty smalljumps or whiffed sledgehammer (j.d.HP) over the fallen body followed by his b&b (c.lk,c.mpXXaragami chain) or dance around a little and throw them… There’s more you can do, but standing jabs alone won’t confuse the opponent…

-c.HK after knockdown… It’s ok every once in a while, but since the opponent is in K-groove they can JD and punish…

-NOT THROWING ENOUGH… there were a lot of throw chances which would have lead to more mix ups…

-Using qcf+p,qcf+p,qcf+p chain on a connected combo… the last one doesn’t hit; use a kick instead

-Don’t run away so much… I noticed you had a tendancy to jump back to try to reset, but that takes you out of Kyo’s effective range.

-Finally, eating Yama’s counter… c.lk into a combo instead…