2 new CvS2 Videos


These are BIGTIME casual matches… LOTS of mistakes in these two lol, so you are warned… But if you are bored check them out, decided to at least post something since it has been a while. Or you an DL the older videos if you havent seen those.



can someone tell me what codec these vids need?


mpeg2 codec

they use a mpeg2 codec, so just download any dvd software like powerdvd or windvd and it will supply your windows media player with the codec u need, or u may find a downloadable mpeg2 codec somewhere


thanks. can anyone supply a direct link? just for the codec. ill look around, but if anyone can help id appreciate it.

edit: i have a link for MPEG4, if i download that will i be able to play videos that need MPEG2? sorry, dont know much about this


i like the music going on in the background, was that part of the recording or did you edit that in?(talking about vid 18)

i never seen anyone play benimaru before, so this vid was pretty enjoyable :slight_smile:

vid 17 was corrupted or somethign for me so i can’t unzip it.


The music is part of the game, you can actually DL the game on our site too if you want. The ISO file… Not sure about the file 17, it seemed to work for me. You are more than welcomed to check out the older vids too, thanks for the compliments.


rizzone try this it may work if not just go download windvd or powerdvd


vid 17 zip seems to be fine try redownloading it