2 New DBZ Fighters getting a US release

Super Dragonball Z:

How anyone on this site can NOT be excited about this game, DBZ fan or not, is a mystery. Much of the SF2 staff went into the production of the game, and many of the videos I’ve seen so far this year have been astounding. This has the potential to be the best DBZ fighter yet.

Sparking Neo/Budokai Tenkaichi 2:

The cast looks CRAZY. The fighting system doesn’t seem do be changed much, but it looks like speed will be more varied this time, creating greater character variation. May be worth a look.

Dear Atari,

Full dual language support on both of these games, please.


Holy crap!! Super DBZ US release!

Thanks for the heads-up! I totally dig the arcade version;it’s a really awesome fighter with a lot of depth. For those who don’t know, the PS2 port is getting extra characters, (including Mecha Freeza, Videl, and Teen Son Gohan) boosting the cast size up to a respectable 18. I completely recommend getting this game.

BTW, kickass av! :tup:

Is it safe to say that Super DBZ is an in depth fighter? Did Noritaka Funamizu pull through for us?

I’m not expecting SDBZ to be as in depth as the SF series, but i’m hoping it will provide a decent form of competition.

If everything turns out ok I will hopefully be getting both of these.

Those videos for SDBZ at IGN don’t do the game justice depth wise, I’ve seen some videos from japan and you can do some sick shit in that game. The guys playing for IGN really suck, which is sad because it’s usually the developers. :razz:

Budokai Tenkaichi 2 looks great with 100 characters but I seriously don’t like that back view camera they added last game and it sucks it’s back.:rolleyes:

fingers crossed

let’s hope these games are actually super-sparking and all that noise. i really need a new dbz game that does the franchise justice since there hasn’t been a good one since dragonball z: legends on the saturn/ps :sweat:

I posted about Sparking Neo a few weeks ago:

Apparently, on the wii, you can use the remotes to ‘throw fireballs’ or something. That excites me.

Mind posting a couple of links? I agree, the IGN videos do the game absolutely no justice at all.

Really can you post links of some sort…

Agreed. The other videos I’ve seen of SDBZ looks much better. If you haven’t seen them then refer back to this thread.


As for Budokai Tenkaichi 2, I’m not that exicted about it, due to the lack of depth the 1st one had (compared to Budokai 3). And what’s up with the transformation system? In one of the vidoes Goku transformed into SSJ2, SSJ3, and SSJ4 all with the same ki… :confused: We’ll see how it is though.

I’ll really be excited when Budokai 4 (yeah, the real one) comes out (most likely on PS3).

Super DBZ Matches:



IIRC, there are a couple of other websites where there are some more matches. I’ll be looking out for them.

Expecting Funimizu to deliver a quality fighting game himself is just setting your hopes up to be dashed. He is improperly credited with SF2. He was merely an apprentice of Okamoto (both Funimizu and Nishitani Akira were Okamoto’s apprentices): the true genius behind the game.

At any rate… we will see how it turns out.

Super (Chou) DBZ looks really good so far. I’m actually (gasp) looking forward to this DBZ title, although i don’t own any of the previous games by Dimps and Spike.

damn lord slug is huge mof. this game should be online it would be alot better and. wat ever happen to the dbz issh things blowing up and stuff?

Why does Lord Slug sound exaclty like Piccolo? And Andriod 13 sounds like 17…

Either A. Since this is such an early build, they worked with what they had handy, or B. The original voice actors are unavailable, so they chose the next best options.

Either way, if it has dual language, I’ll be using that anyways, so I don’t really care.

Yeah these are some of the Videos I was talking about, There are others though, I saw them on SRK so someone could look it up if they want. I remember seeing this sick combo with trucks that was like 35 hit with super, it was nasty looking.

I’m really interested in see Mecca Freeza, he should be cool and Chi Chi’s first ever apperence in a DBZ game.

Budokai 4 will be sick if it looks anything like the opening to Budokai Tenkaichi.

Looks great so far. Any idea when it comes out to the US? I heard the Japanese release got pushed back so my hint is it’ll be a while.

July 18th. Can’t wait.