2 New QCF custom sticks - xbox w/ memory slot and voice-chat and 1 PS2 stick

Hey everyone.

Last week I got a chance to make some custom sticks for people from the forum, and here are some pictures of 2 of them. Sorry if the images are a little dark, I’m not normally too good with a camera. Anyway, here are 2 of the sticks…

Ken Xbox Stick
Sanwa stick with Sanwa buttons. Xbox pcb.
Xbox Voice-Chat/Memory Card Slots in back of case…

Sol Badguy PSX Stick
Sanwa stick with Happ Competition buttons. Playstation pcb.

very nice

Seems like everyone can make pro sticks now.

thanks ShotgunSteve:)

Actually maybe someone here could help? Some people have asked me about making “mini” cases so I just built myself one as a working prototype. Here it is here…

It’s 8" deep, 10.5 inches wide and about 2.5" tall. I could have went smaller, but not too much if I still want to be able to fit start and select up top and /or leave room for those people who want more buttons.

Anyway… any feedback? Also I am working on what artwork to put in my case. I drew these 2 illustrations so far…


or this one (more simple)


Feedback would be nice thanks.

I like the first image better.

I got a few questionns - if we requested it, would u be willing to drill holes on teh back of the box for the start/select and does the mini box still fit Happ parts?

That mini box you have looks very tempting. I’ll PM about details in a bit, I just wanna get to know if what I asked is possible :slight_smile:

I would drill holes in the front or sides or whatever you want for the start and select. If you did that you could also make the thing less deep if you want or less wide. It fits happ buttons no problem, but I think to fit a happ stick instead of a sanwa I would need to add 1/4 inch to it.

lookin good man, keep up the good work

Very nice. I like the first graphic as well, but both would work. I went to TiT last year and I was in the 3D room, but it seemed like only me and Ivylicious had some smokin custom sticks. They were from Darkside of course. I still did see some cool mods and some other customs, but not like the stuff I get from Darkside, or what I see over here.

I didn’t patrol the 2D room very much, otherwise I might have seen more I suppose.

Nasci, I think the new case looks great. As you know, I’m turning over an order from you in my head. As soon as you can post what a finished product looks like in this new design, that may seal it. The button template you’re showing is just about perfect for what I’d want, as well.

Are you working on a whole new selection of art, or just the one design? Personally, I would like to see something with vivid color as opposed to the subtle schemes you’ve been going with thus far. Of course, if I had/knew Photoshop I could just shut up and create my own. :bgrin:

Anyway, looks great; nice work.

Thanks SoulCaliFreak for the input. I’m leaning towards that graphic myself now as well. I normally have a very minimal look and feel to stuff I design but since I am selling to others now as well I know that I need to offer more options for design and art, etc. The stick I am working on now (the mini) is actually going to be a dual stick, both ps2 and xbox pbc’s inside. Thanks for the comments. BTW what games were you playing in the 3d room? I normally stick to the the 2d’s myself.

I plan to finish up my mini stick this weekend and I’ll be sure to post some pictures of it on the forum. So watch for it:)

As for artwork, I always built sticks and made artwork for myself and my crew and we all have very same tastes. So I am trying to figure out now what other gamers would like to see as well. All the input has been very helpful to me.

Since this stick is for me I am going to stick with a 2-color muted theme, but I am also currently coming up with some new art choices that have more color and cover anime and other themes as well. Any suggestions?

As for your art, I do graphic design for a living so if you wanted I am sure I could make you something. I’ll just have to remember to use more of the color chart for yah:)

Holy cow, Neil, you live in Baltimore? I’ve been emailing you all week about building a custom stick (The one with the Dizzy artwork) from Annapolis. I had no idea you lived so close. This is great, I can probably just drive up and get my stick when it is done. I’ll send you the final specs as soon as I save up all the money I need, which could be either Friday or two weeks from Friday, depending on how large my paycheck is this week.

That would be fine with me Tritone. Heck we could play a few rounds even if you want. That dizzy artwork you got a hold of rocks.

Hey nasci, any luck finishing up that mini stick this weekend? I’m dying to see how it turned out.

Hey yeah I did finish it. I finished it on Saturday night (really more like 3am Sunday morning). The paint it still a little wet but I already took pictures of it. I was going to crop the photos some tonight and post them. I think I’ll post them to a new thread. So look for it later/late tonight.


How much do you charge for your sticks, PS2 first party PCB modded in it, and do you customize it with any of the Darkstalkers characters. My personal favorites would be to have Morrigan and Lillith combined together as the artwork.

Well unless you had the artwork already I’d have to make it for you. So that would take some extra time. And prices depend on parts… like happ stick vs sanwa stick, happ buttons vs sanwa buttons, psx vs ps2/xbox pcb…

Some sticks cost as low 110 bucks and I’ve done others that were as high as 180. I’d say the average price is about 125.

Happ is usually cheaper right? I already own two Tekken 5 sticks but nothing on the street fighter side but don’t make it for me yet, I just wanted to get some info on your custom joysticks. Since I don’t own an X-box at the moment I would like just PS2 only pcb. How are those combination PS2/X-box pcbs will they burn out your PS2 ports, like the ones from pelican? I’ll PM you when I’m ready to commit to one.