2 new sticks

First is a custom made for Kaworu, Routed top and bottom, rosewood stain, all sanwa (start and select are seimitsu though) Aluminium top panel. Green foam base to match the buttons.
Artwork designed by Kaworu :slight_smile:

Next is kneelb4mes stick, (your pm box is full mate)
Same style but with teak stain and yellow bits. Has ply top.

nice work i must say:tup:

Thank you so much, it looks lovely :slight_smile:

Those are some really nice sticks, good work!

Very nice work, as usual. Everything is well placed and the stains look great, especially the teak. What kind of wood are they made of under the stains?

nice shit, quick question, how are u guys (these sticks, TRNG, byrdo) mounting the lexan? are you just putting it in and letting the buttons hold it down? or is it some kind of glue… i dunno

its cut to fit very! snugly. Then you use screw in buttons. Or if the fit is that good (which mine are of course) you can use snap in ones. The green ones are screw in and the yellow are snap in. TRNG uses counter sunk screws from what I have seen. Byrdo use both methods but without countersinking from what I can tell.
When I use screws they are countersunk nickel guitar screws.
The wood is a kind of treated pine, I dont know exactly what they do to it but it comes from my local timber merchant and is a lot harder than normal pine.

Damn good job man.
Keep up the good work!

i don’t like the art on the 2nd one… but GJ

both looks good ! :tup:

now I am having the urge to build something like this too :lol:
how does stainting work ? use a brush or spray ??

a brush or a cloth. Its a liquid which soaks into the wood and is easy to use. Its the lacquering that is hard to do. 8 coats all smoothed with wet and dry then a tcuted top coat.

looks good. any one else think that the shaft was a little high?


It does give that bit of a higher shaft appearence… than normal. Reminds me of when you use a Hori T5 shaft on a Namco stick.


bottom mounted on aluminium or ply with lexan over the top.
So the same as a cab.

Sexy design there :lovin:

Is the stick/shaft on the first green arcade stick higher than say a Hori SC2 stick?

a bit yeah. The mounting is slightly different in those. And the JLF has a longer shaft than a hori.

would you say its better with a taller stick than a shorter one?

JLF are taller? can a seimitsu LS-33 be put in these sticks? it has a shorter shaft doesn’t it?

It does yes, and they can be used sure. My sf3 stick I made has one.
Its personal preference as to height.

I got it this morning, all I can say is thank you Laurie, it’s absolutely fucking gorgeous and plays like a dream.

Grade SS++ work.