2 new vids, 02/15/04


Hey guys, I updated my site with 2 new clips, ill probably take those down and put 2 more up later in the week. Any way, discuss the vids freely.


they dun work… was there about 10 min ago to check it out, but nada.



Try again now. They should work fine. At least, they are for me.

Is VDO the guy who raped my N-Bison last time I was up there?


lol nope m121akuma, that was terell the red devil ninja.

Vids should be working now, 100%.


btw 3 new vids on my site

Cityhunter, I think your Hibiki should be a bit more patient and zone more. Also often times you jump in and get caught in the air. If you were to zone and focous more on ground game I think your Hibiki would be a lot stronger, after all she has quite a bit of reach on the other characters, and she can make the opponent want to jump or roll, if you cut off their other options of attacking.
If youre looking for a good Joe imitate Hibiki imitate Hallows

As far as you Joe goes, he really uses the crouching roundhouse slide a lot. True it has a lot of priority but youre border lining on abusing that move. As a remedy practice some mix it ups. Also Joes flying kick is great to do after knock downs (like the one that comes from his tiger knee), keeps people from getting up with tactical recovery.
Also Joe has a ton of normals that you dot use, you might want to check out .
If youre looking for a good Joe imitate VDOs joe

Your Terry seams to spam specials from time to time, a random power dunk from across the screen, ect. Those are dangerous moves to do, and terry relies on the rock kick a lot. Consider buffering the rock kick from his crouching middle kick.
If youre looking for a good Terry I think EGB had a nice one Terry

Finally you should check out the sections on this forum that discuss character strategies, and bred and butter combos for the charters you play, it can only help. I think you terry should be going out first so you can get better with him, Terry is a good character but I think yours is underdeveloped. Also you should explore a bit more with Joe an master his normals and you should learn Hibikis normals, and use them to zone you opponent out.


Site updated agin!

Ok guys i updated my site with 3 new vids from last nite. Its wierd nobody is posting there thoughts on all these vids. :bluu:


wow obot64, you’re pretty good. but in my opinion, heres some tricks you can use with ryu, cause you seem to get countered alot with ryu when you pressure with him. i notice you run up to opponent when they get knock down and then play footsies. thats pretty good, but you should throw a weak hadoken and then run behind it. :smiley: as well as, try using weak shoryuken and hurrican kick from your linking combos. just make it quick easy cause its ryu, he’ll knock em down easily, plus you’ll get a less chance of getting countered by throws or attacks.