2 Part Question

First question, just want to know the fastest way to build meter with every character. the only real ones I know are the shotos (c.mp repeatedly) and Alex (b.mp repeatedly) but I might be wrong so if anyone can tell me.

Second question, does a player jumping have a vunerable frame when they land. For example, Alex is able to grab someone in a german suplex if he were to dash under them. Ive been trying to integrate this theory in another combo, when I have gouki and opponents jump towards me I quickly dash under them and right before they land I do the akuma combo (c.mk, weak tatsumaki, etc.) and for the most part its workerd once in a while but I want to make sure.

Twelve - crouching MP

Chun Li - b+HP

to build gauge

Dudley - Standing RH
Necro - Back+strong

Ever heard of trip-guard? Well if not, you’re in luck!

If you jump in empty, you are completely free to do anything you want when you land. Parry, re-jump, whatever. But if you do anything in the air, you will have at least one frame of recovery time when you land wherein you are vulnerable. That’s where you get grabbed, low attack xx supered, etcetera.



Yun and Yang - c. strong
Urien - s. strong (but i’ve also seen people use s. fierce)

about the same speed, standing fierce has more stopping power but st. strong is safer

Trip Guard

From what I’ve heard, if you jump in empty, you have 2 frames before trip-guard kicks in. If you jump in with an attack, 4 frames before trip-guard kicks in.

Now, it’s been my experience that those 2 frames like to disappear on me. But it might be worth testing.

I’m rather certain that trip guard on an empty jump is instantaneous. I tested this at length jumping in against characters using low attacks with large hit-frame portions, and I was always able to block.