2 PCB's connected to the same joystick? possible?

Hi everyone,

I am thinking of placing an XBOX 360 PCB and PS1 PCB in my custom stick. Is it okay to have both sets of wires from the 360-PCB and PS1-PCB feed to the joystick (it’s a sanwa joystick if that matters)?

I don’t want to remove the PS1 PCB since I use it for PC and playstation.
I will only connecting one device at a time (ie. either the 360 or the playstation).

Thank you very much


WTF? Is this a joke?

that isn’t the same situation, I’m planning to just simultaneously connect the wires for the D-pad from 360 and PS1 PCB’s. not an HRAP and PS1

As long as both of the pads are common ground, then you can find a solution in that thread. The entire thread is 17 pages about wiring multiple PCBs in all different kinds of configurations. Try reading it a bit.

what if I just disconnect all the wires feeding from the PS1 PCB (I cannot however remove the ones connecting to the joystick) and replace them with the 360 PCB?

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