2 PCB's in one stick - Possible?

Before I start, let me make it clear that this isn’t “Krost,” I’m his brother. I tried making an account (Rybread) and was instantly banned.

I bought a used HRAP3 off eBay. I’m pretty decent with electronics, so putting in a PSX PCB isn’t going to be a problem. However, for any of you PROS out there, I’m curious if instead of replacing the USB pcb, could I instead just ADD a PSX PCB, having 2 respective connection options in the end.

I’m thinking if I just add 2 wires to each button (or split the wire off into a Y connection), I could just add one wire to each PCB for every button.

Before anyone asks, I already am familiar with PSX -> USB adapters. I’d prefer to have 2 seperate connections, but if I can’t do this, I’ll settle with the adapter solution.

Thanks in advance.

With 2 PCBs, both have to have power for it to work. Connect the 5v on both of them with a wire and make sure you never plug both in at the same time.

to use your other account just delete your cookies and you wont get the banned screen. im just going to say you have to match grounds and signals to the respected boards. other than that the wiring is just going to be the same.

I am also wondering about this. Could I have a Saturn Virtua Stick PCB wired to Sanwa buttons and have a Genesis controller PCB wired to the buttons at the same time for example?

Wouldn’t whichever one I am using (Saturn or Genesis) power the controller each time?

just find wiring guides for the respected pcbs. find the grounds for each button and wire the ground from one pcb to the other pcb by putting it to the common tab on the micro switch and do the same for signal. i dont know if its really a good idea to wire a 5v from one pad to another but maybe aznchristmas knows more about this then i do

I tried clearing my cookies, still get the banned screen.

Thanks for the tips, I completely forgot about the ground. So as long as I connect the common ground from the buttons to the ground on both pcb’s, I should be fine. Sounds good. The stick should come in after the new year, I’ll let you all know how it turns out.

Thanks again.

Maybe this helps. Can someone step in if I have drawn anything incorrectly. Thanks

I am thinkings in install a PSX PCB in a Real Arcade Pro 3 together with the USB, is posible to make this without separate the actual button wires from the original PCB?

Hey, I didn’t want to start a new thread, but I want to make Dual PCBS.

I know that the power has to be connected, but how do you find the 5v or the 3.3v? Is there another name for it like X1 or something? It’s not labeled on the T5 PCB or the Xbox SFAC Pad pcb

you need a multi meter. You can get one at Radio Shack for $12. It has two probes, you touch one probe to one solder point most likely labeled +5 or near a red wire and touch the other probe where you think the ground might be. The multimeter will give you the reading on whether you are correct or not.

TMO that works correct?
im thinking about doing the same with some happ stick im working on and i was gonna use a grounding bar instead of a direct bridge.

If I were to do it, I would also put a terminal strip (grounding bar?) between the pcbs. But then I am crazy with the terminal strips and I probably over use them :wgrin:

Here’s my question. What’s the simplest way to jimmy up a switch so as to idiot-proof the multiple-PCB stick? The above solutions are good for my own personal project, but for obvious reasons, it would be nice to have it more fail-safe set-up.

Place your xbox and your ps2 far enough away from each other that you couldn’t physically have them plugged in simultaneously. :wgrin:

Guullllate! I knew that solution was in your heart.

Actually, I will have to think about this now, and come up with something.

zip-tie the cords for each console together, there ya go

I was kind of thinking of that. You would zip-tie them together, and also put a sleeve around the cords to make them into one. That’d probably be the easiest way.

This thread has helped me a lot. One question remains (this maybe OT), where is the +5V and Ground located on both the Dreamcast PCB and SFAC PCB. I’d like my stick to be 3-port.

it is off topic and you’re completely lazy for not looking for threads


Couldn’t you just take the hot wires coming from the cord and just wire to both of those? That would be much easier.

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