2 players, 1 PC -- disappearing data

Here’s the deal – my roommate bought SF5 and we share our game libraries. I can’t run it on my laptop, so I play on his PC when he’s not using it. But because I don’t want to mess with his ranking, battle settings, etc., I log in to my steam account on his PC to keep things separate.

Every time we switch back and forth between steam accounts, the game seems to overwrite some data, such that the game goes through the tutorial again on startup and all the records from survival mode are gone. Unlocked colours, league points, fight points, etc are all still there, as they seem to be stored server-side.

Does anyone know where the game stores this data? I figure as a quick fix I might be able to copy the files out and paste them back every time we switch logins.

Would this possibly be a potential exploit? You know you get fight money the first time you complete each survival mode yes? If Survival mode histories are wiped yet fight money are in tact, you may have unlocked a way to unlimited fight money.

I tested for the exploit – alas, no luck. It seems data on the completion of survival mode is also stored server-side.

It is interesting to consider that there is nothing preventing the use of one copy of SF5 for multiple player profiles on steam via the family sharing feature, but of course they can’t play at the same time. Is the PS4 version locked into one fighter profile per copy?

SFV saves the games in the user folder.
On win 10,
C:\Users(user name)\AppData\Local\StreetFighterV\Saved\SaveGames
This is independent of steam. So if you just keep switching steam profiles but still on the same Windows session, theres your problem.
Either set up another user on the machine to swap around, Or make copies of your save and manually rename and swap them around when you switch.

And someone did say you could keep deleting the saves to reset the Story mode for fight money. It reset the progress but my fight money didnt go up after finishing Ryu, Ken, Chun and Cammy again.

Cool–thanks. I’ll set up another user.

Yeah, I didn’t get any reward for finishing survival mode again. If it was a viable exploit, I imagine they plugged that hole pretty quick.