2 Problems i have with HHS

Hey guys, I am a new Honda player but there are 2 things that bug me
about doing the Fierce HHS using the piano method:

first, while I can do it at close range easily I cant get it to come out
at mid range or further. The other versions come out easily so I dont
know whats wrong.

Second, even if I hit it at close range the full number of hits wont
connect. Dont know the hit count but I can only get the Fierce HHS
to do 105 damage. Again all the other versions seem to connect fully
so I have no idea what is going on.

Any help provided to solve my problem would be greatly apreciated.

Fierce HHS does only 105 damage.

I’m not sure i understand your other problem, if your cancelling off a jab Hands should come out always aslong as the jab hits or is blocked.

really? I assumed it did 145 damage since thats the number I get sometimes.
Anyway it seems the other thing is just poor execution.
Thanks for the help.

@first question: If you do HHS fast enough, it option select (very cool), and only jab comes out.
Meaning: If you whiff the jab: No HHS
If the jab is blocked or it hits, HHS will come out.

@second question stev0knev sounds about right.
The reason why you get 145 is because of the jab (40 damage)