2 questions about pdf and printing


Anyways like the title goes I need help about two things:
One is, do I need to use a pdf for the artwork or does png work?
Second one, what should I do with a png file that is 4530 × 3030 big for it to fit in the paper?


I prefer not use pdf. For good results you need carefully check options when export to pdf (dpi, image compression etc). For printing good image format is tiff.

Try to work with artwork templates for sticks. It has real dimensions and known dpi so you always know how your image fit real dimensions. Load template in Photoshop, insert your artwork and resize it. If you have a large image and you reduce it, the result will be better than increasing the small image.


Thanks for the reply.

Do you perhaps know what the real size/dimension is of a Mad Catz TE 2 artwork?


Check this thread. Аs I can see, there is the right thing you’re looking for.