2 questions on arcade sticks

I recently ordered dark blue and white buttons for Duke as they are it’s colors and I was also going to put a duke emblem on the stick as well, you know, full on fandom. Anyways the buttons I got were light blue, now normally I wouldn’t care but…Well light blue is the color of unc, Duke’s most hated rival and the between them is the greatest rivalvry in american sports. Is there any way to paint my buttons dark blue, that still gives the same quality? Also I just took off the plastic covering on my HRAP EX for the 360, and I noticed it’s quite a glossy and reflective back. It can’t possibly stay like that can it? Is there any way that I’m supposed to take care of it, so that it can stay like that? I have some guitar cleaner would that work?

You can try to spray the buttons with Vinyl dye, not Krylon like my dumb ass did. Vinyl Dye seeps into the plastic, but I doubt it will look as good as the the buttons originally did texture-wise. Still, seems the color is pretty important to ya, so go with that.


I don’t know about the HRAP, but for the buttons you probably are looking for Vinyl Dye. Stay away from regular paints and Krylon Fusion. I think a tough enamel might work, but since it adds thickness to your parts, it might make the buttons stick. I don’t know, never tried that myself.

Anyone know any techniques to keep the sheen in the arcade stick?