2 questions

One is basic and I feel dumb for asking… What are the button chains for different costumes. I know the basics but arent there buttons you hold and shit?

2nd My main is Ken… This is long before I knew that he…was hated everywhere and is a cheap prick to some poeple… And I think im pretty good with him, aside from some of my timing with blocked crouching strongs and straights(help needed if anyone has tips) Anyone think it would be a good idea to switch characters? I already Use Alex pretty well. And I was thinking about starting on Sean or Ryu…

On the console versions you can hold start (isn’t it?) and press any button to select different colours from the standard six. Also, pressing lp, mk, and hp (jab, forward, and fierce) simultaneously will get you an extra colour, even in the arcade.

Maybe you should try Dudley, I think the transition (from Ken)is pretty easy, and he has some great stuff. Way underplayed for how strong he is.


I don’t have a chart, does anyone have a link to colors?
What I do know tho is that jab gives you the normal colors.
For Ken, short gives you eggplant ken. roundhouse gives you pirates of dark water ken. meh…thats all I can remember for sure. I think medium punch gives you blue or green. I don’t remember.

For ken, I would say it takes alot more observation then any character in the cast. Requires alot of ability to force your opp. to make mistakes. In particular, if you you know how to abuse throwing well, then you’re not too far off from making that turn into throw fakeouts which result in easy to execute shippu’s.
Its really difficult to tell anyone how to play Ken since hes really flexable. I would recommend just watching some good Ken players and see what they do.
Alot of players have many different styles of play.
Joe Le and 5 star is the more impressive style of playing I’ve seen. Theres alot of other Ken players out there that we don’t know alot about but are really good. Isn’t there someone in team whales that plays Ken really damn good? I’m aweful with names.
Anyway, thats cool I guess that Ken is your main. If you want to pick up another character, its up to you.
Sean is more of a for fun character like Dan. While Ryu I don’t particularly like too much, but hes fun to play and I like poking with s.mk because it looks funny and a fun normal to play around with.

good luck!

:confused: Alright, who’s turn is it to take this one?


P.S. L O fucking L @ “Pirates of Dark Water Ken”.

If you’re playing on Xbox, hold the back button instead of start for those console secret colours.

As for Ken, I’d say him being overplayed is more of a problem than being too powerful. If less people used him, hardly anyone would complain. A lot of lower tiered characters can stand up to him pretty well if the player knows the matchup. But I would recommend learning the bare basics/general strategy of all of the characters you’re interested in (hopefully not more than 6 or so or you’ll never be able to choose 1), and deciding on a main from there. After that, if you think you would be most successful with Ken then you know what to do.

Just use the character(s) you have the most fun with if you’re not playing seriously.


PS2 - start + any button
Xbox - back + any button

Play whoever you want. It’s good to learn other characters but don’t switch characters just because people are bitching about Ken. If people hate Ken or call him cheap they’re probably scrubs who don’t know shit about the game.


Color pallettes^

As for characters, just play around with other people and go with who you feel you’re most comfortable learning, even if that character is someone highly complained about like Ken or Chun, fuck them, play who you want to play how you want to play them.

Woah thanx for the advice guys. Lotta Ken supporters. Yeah I guess it doesnt really matter. I just gotta practice up. BBQ YOU OWN.

Thongboy: yeah I was thinking about him. I watched a combo video… pretty orgasmic shit. You think I should try Alex? I just tried him one day and was automaticly a natural for some reason…

1 more question fellas and i’ll be out of your hair. Anyone know a good way to practice c. mk into a super when blocked? Like im having trouble timing my DFs and preventing myself to executing the super when blocked… And when not blocked. I can do the combo but not without being paranoid… Is there a trick or is it all practice?

In training mode, set the dummy’s guard setting to “auto guard” and the dummy will block attacks randomly. IMO that’s great way to train hit confirm.

Also, you can buffer the super motion:

c.MK, qcf, qcf
-> if it hits, LK~MK~HK (drum your fingers over the kick buttons)
-> if it gets blocked, don’t press anything.


c.MK, qcf
-> if it hits, qcf+LK~MK~HK
-> if it gets blocked, don’t press anything

for some reason I can do the c.mp easier with the blocking thingy then the c.mk… any reason why?

c.mp is more of a link, and you’re given way more frames to hit confirm it. c.mk hit confirm is a higher level technique, IMO.

so pretty much… I have to practice my ass off…

Auto guard blocks if you do a move quickly after another one that doesn’t combo, e.g. missing the cr.mp link.

Why would people think Ken is cheap?

He’s probably one of the least cheap cause he’s so damn basic.

Now Makoto that bitch is fuckin cheap.

Don’t switch characters because people hate Ken. Just tell them the following things…

  1. “You’re a scrub.”
  2. “Shut the fuck up.”
  3. “Stop using characters as an excuse for losing (if they do lose against you and complain about you being Ken).”
  4. I can’t think of a 4, but you get the idea.

There is (arguably) no such thing as “cheap” in Third Strike. Yes, there are bad matchups and some characters just have better moves/pokes/supers etc. than others, but that doesn’t make them cheap. In Third Strike, everything can be countered, anticipated or predicted… meaning that if you get hit, then it’s your fault for not handling that shit (not your opponent’s).

Ken just gets the job done. Swiss army knife of 3S. Nothing wrong with that. :tup:


Practice practice practice. Make training mode your virtual blow up doll. Work on it until you can’t bear to look at it anymore.

haha. iight guys thanx everyone. You’ve inspired me to stick with Ken. Though I think ill take up another character someday. you guys rock. Im definitly going hardcore with this. Which means I gotta relearn marvel -_-.

@suppa: I think im 50% there And I cant take it already lol. But ill just blasg some slipknot over that repetitive ryu stage music and suck it up. thx bro.

Indeed. That’s why he’s my main character.

I agree with this.

Trying to consistenly execute Akuma’s lk hurricane, jab resest xxx kkz has made me want to throw my fucking stick (SFAC stick) at the t.v. and then jump out a window of a tall building. But it pays off because there’s nothing more sick than pulling that off at the arcade on an unsuspecting random noob.