2 Quick questions

I ve read through most of the threads here and found that X-arcade sticks lags badly.

My doubt are:

What makes the lag appears? The adapter?

If I buy parts (micro switches or a stick) as replacements for my true arcade cabinet (not mame or console) , will it have a negative effect or lag?

Thx in advance and sorry for my bad english!:tup:

Lag comes from the PCB and adapter.

I don’t see why new parts would create lag.

Thx for it. Then, if i decide to order a few pieces just for replacements there will be no lag right?

Thx tl613.

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no, putting in new buttons and sticks will not solve your problem. the pcb(circuit board) in the x-arcade is a peice of shit. you will get lag regardless. not recommended to buy

New buttons and stick will not CREATE lag, but it will not DECREASE lag either. I was under the impression the new stuff would not be for an X-Arcade but if they are, it will lag regardless. The only way to get rid of lag on an X-Arcade is to change the PCB in which case if you do not already have an X-Arcade, do not get it.

No no wait. I DONT plan to use them on an x arcade. I have a real arcade machine and was planning to buy some spare parts just for replacement. My question is that if I buy from them, I will get the same result, for example, if I buy a stick and switches from Happ? Sure with the inferior quality of x arcade.

My question was that if I buy a pushbutton to say something from x arcade…I will have lag? I think not because is the PCB right?

okay okay i think i got it your planning on buying parts from xarcade?
yea buttons and or microswitches cant create lag only the pcb can
so buying parts from xarcade wont have negative effects, besides being an inferior product

Thx button_m4sh! LOL that is all I wanted to know.