2 Quick Questions

Regarding PC version:

  1. How do you save replays?

  2. Is it possible for Player 1 to be a controller and Player 2 to be keyboard. I realize how you can make Player 1 keyboard and Player 2 a controller, but not vice versa. Thanks.

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ps theres a pc thread already!

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Well, I did search, and I couldn’t find anything, especially for the second question. I barely get on SRK at all so I figured I’d post while I was on. Does anybody have an answer for either of these?

  1. Get a time machine.

  2. Travel to the future.

  3. Procure SFIV Dash.

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That’s if they decide to add it in, you can replace steps 2 through 4 with “Go back in time” followed by “throttle the developers by the throat while spouting crass words about the benefits of players saving replays” or you can get a video capture card for your computer (or a capture program online if you have a good enough rig to do it through software.)

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You can save replays from from the top Championship fights. Go to LIVE, then Leaderboards, scroll through the categories until you get to Replays. For your own replays, you only get the option to save when you win a Championship, as the match ends.

  1. The only PC replay functionality built into SFIV that I know of is that the top 1000 (in CP) players for Championship Mode are allowed to save one replay on the GFWL servers after a win.

Others have suggested using FRAPS instead.

  1. There is no in-game functionality for controlling player 2 with the keyboard. However, programs such as joy2key/joytokey, xpadder and glovepie with PPJOY can create a simulated joystick that can be keyboard controlled.

Hmm, I thought there would actually be solutions for these, thanks for the helpful responses, a mod can close this thread if you like. It’s probably in the wrong section anyways. =).

Thanks guys.

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