2 Ryu unblockables

Just found out this 2 unblockables:

If this is already known sry for wasting your time :smiley:

Edit: extra setup:

those are not unblockables, they are just ambiguous cross ups

In the Video you can see that i was not able to block them no matter at which direction i hold so why are these no unblockables?
(And i only recorded once and let the dummy do his job)


EDIT: Test it with Auto-Block and see if there’s any change of behavior. Also try to just frame block to see if still works. They still look like regular crossups to me, but you might be on to something on that cammy one.

In the Video i holded forward (and they hit me anyways) also i tested it out way before trying to block at any direction so wtf are you talking about?

Correct me if I am wrong but i guess you can not test unblockables with the auto block funktion because the computer will just cheat and block.
Also in other Videos of unblockable (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UfolrY0Lkrk) everyone does it the way i did it and i also was not able to land a known unblockable (Ken forward throw into j.HP) on the auto block function.

I will not test frame bloking (which might actually work) for my current setups because it is just way to unrealistic that someone will do a framblock in a real match. Also i remember other unblockables in the past which you could frameblock which would also be considered to be unblockables.

And again: If you watch the Videos you can see that tried to block them as a crossup or as an regular jump in multiple times and it hit me anyways.
So pls watch carefully before you critisize the setups.


My bad dude, I came from a “I found a Gen infinite with full supers” sorta of thread before coming to this one. I really thought it was the same deal… I apologize for my post, I should’ve paid more attention.

And if there’s a known unblockable and a recognizable setup, people will learn to try and just frame it when they see it, especially at tournament level. I think it’s important to test just frame blocking as well, just to see if the setup is truly inescapable. If you can turn an unblockable situation into a difficult guess it’s better than nothing.

Good find I also know of an unblockable on Balrog from watching Laugh play. In the corner after doing a forward throw on Balrog whiff a st.hk and jump in with hk, the timing is pretty strict since you have to get the st.hk out on the first possible frame. I also tried this on Guy and I got it to work once or twice, but I think the distance of where you grab him the corner matters, whereas on Balrog the distance isn’t as strict.

I also assume that for the unblockable on Cammy and Abel it will only work if I do a lk lp sweep from the closest distance possible right?

I was looking at your Ryu fak corner crossup video and I know of a similar setup. After a forward throw in the corner whiff st hk again and jump in with hk and it will look like a cross up and it does cross up but you have to block by holding back. This only works on a few characters the ones I know it works on for sure are Abel, viper, cammy, chun, ibuki, jrui, and oni. I haven’t tried it on every character yet so there might be a few more.

Really np. It is also good to just get your enemy aware of an unblockable after a throw no matter if you will just do a normal jump in.

I think the first person to figure this out was TR Halibel: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sFLPp6c79Ts
Since it got linked on eventhubs laugh might has it from there (And I might be the first Balrog to get ever hit with it in a real match ;))
Or he has just found out the same setup like another person which would also be possible.

I also tested out this setup (and a fake corner crossup with Ken that I saw in a Highlight-compilation) but since I was not the first one to figure this out I did not wanted to post it.

Oh wow i was in the training room this morning and found out those unblockables too bad i didnt know about that vid. One thing i figured out is that it also works on viper, but the vid missed her. I’m gonna try to find some other kind of tricks or unblockables again later on tonight.

I think you should still post w/e setups you know because it might be new to some people who could have missed the original post.