2 Solid Blazblue Tournament (online)

This tournament is to say good bye to summer and welcome the fall season!
It is brought to you by 2 Solid Gaming.
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Summer Blast BlazBlue Tournament
Double Elimination ( 2 days)
Best 2 out of 3 matches (Finals best 3 out of 5)
3 rounds per match. [UPDATED]
(Change characters if you lose)
Fee: Free Registration
1st Place: $100.00 American
2nd place: 3 month Xbox live subscription
Winners Bracket: Friday October 2 8 PM EASTERN
Losers Bracket: Saturday October 3 8 PM EASTERN
Finals: Saturday October 3 10 PM EASTERN

+Please put your gamer tag and your main character+
+This tournament will take place on a friday and saturday at 9 pm eastern+
+If you sign up, please make sure you show up online+
+When fighting your opponent, make sure a 2 SOLID spectator is watching or it didn’t happen+

  1. otakufreak907 Character: v-13
  2. EscapingJail iP Character: v-13
  3. BlackberryChaos Character: Jin Kisaragi
  4. Hustle Man 77 Character: v-13
  5. RoK the Reaper Character: Ragna the Bloodedge
  6. Dreamsindigital Character: Jin Kisaragi
  7. ant12292 Character: Rachel Alucard
  8. BladeOfJustice7 Character: Haku-men
  9. Abel9210 Character: Ragna the Bloodedge
  10. Leo7ard Character: Tager
  11. MacabreHumour Character: Arakune
  12. Kaiser CVR Character: Bang
  13. Banzatou Character:Rachel Alucard
  14. papashango0 Character:Ragna the Bloodege
  15. Lord Noitora Character: Bang
  16. Allbowdown Character:Taokaka
  17. SplitxAggro Character: Carl Clover
  18. Arcade Fire87 Character: v-13
  19. AbidingSet Character: Tager
  20. Seon Panther Character:Ragna the Bloodege
  21. Ryo McFoong Character: Arakune
  22. iX12i Character: Haku-men
  23. Astaroth136 Character: Tager
  24. Lord Qua Character: Litchi Faye Ling
  25. xCammy Character: Carl Clover
  26. NinjaKangarooo Character: Ragna the Bloodedge
  27. MillerNation Character: Litchi Faye Ling
  28. PersonaHawk Character: Ragna The Bloodedge
  29. Rhyllis Character: Bang
  30. T3h PhO3NiX Character:v-13
  31. Facetious CJ Character:Jin
  32. DrgnElectric Character: v-13
  33. Witty Red Panda Character:Arakune
  34. Goatrix Character: Tager
  35. Slayer Alucard Character: Haku-men
  36. GameKyuubi Character: Rachel Alucard
  37. ModusPwnens718 Character: Rachel Alucard
  38. outtawack311 Character: Rachel Alucard
  39. uNoUdunFkdUpRyt Character: Noel Vermillion
  40. o NEcR0ShoTz o Character: Jin Kisaragi
  41. L33t AZN Character: v-13
  42. bl1nd noob Character: Jin Kisaragi
  43. Zerxion208 Character: Haku-men
  44. solshido35 Character: Arakune
  45. Linear04 Character: Jin Kisaragi
  46. PB solshido Character: Bang
  47. RAQU17 Character: Noel Vermillion

To sign up register at www.2solid.com , RESULTS will be posted up on here as well. Make sure you have a good connection before signing up.