2 Speedbumps In My Custom Stick Project

I’ve been building a custom stick and it is entirely complete but for two things that have brought me to a standstill.

First off is the art. Every place I’ve been to around me has rejected me due to a certain little “C” with a circle around it. What do any of you suggest?

Secondly is the following. I would like to find little rubber screw on feet in black to put on the bottom of my box so that whatever surface I may have it on doesn’t get scratched and nor does the clear plastic I have as the bottom panel. I can’t seem to find any in black and rubber. I’ve seen a million and one black ones that were plastic and a similar amount in rubber that are white. Any suggestions?


I’m not sure about the rubber parts. All I can think of is to check your local hardware store(s)?

As for the artwork, what kind of places are you going to? Do you just have a regular print-out or are you asking people to design for you? I’ve taken my stuff to Staples and Kinko’s and they did not seem to mind. I don’t know the exact laws, but maybe you can elaborate more on your experience.


Should also be able to find those at Home Depot.

(We are assuming you live in the U.S.)

Thank you for that link Zombie Cpt, I’ve been to a number of hardware stores but could never find any. The ACE by me didn’t have them either. I’ll have to find another one somewhere or try to order them.
And yeah, I live in Florida in the US. I couldn’t find any at Home Depot but there’s a bigger newer one that I didn’t try. Maybe I ought to look there.

I’ve tried Kinkos and Office Depot for the printing. The art I have is scaled and on my flash drive ready to be printed, but as soon as they load it and see the Capcom characters on it they shoot me down.

it’s copyrights…I don’t know why they are like that, it’s not like there going to get sued or something

You can just tell them you’re not printing it for resale, therefore it’s legal which makes their actions just horrible customer service.

I don’t suspect that would work. If they were so worried about legal prosecution that they wouldn’t do it in the first place, they would probably be so worried about it to not let that slide. From their point of view, say I were intending to profit from it, what would be stopping me from simply telling them I wasn’t?

The guy told me they had just had a pretty major class-action suit against them from some store up in NY in which someone was copying pages out of textbooks and selling them as study guides. That’s hella-bad and not even close to what I want, obviously, but if they had been more wary it mayn’t’ve happened. I don’t blame them for trying to protect their assets, but the fact remains that this is now the only thing holding me back from completion.

Has anyone had any luck printing photos themselves? I know they make photo printers and I think my Mom has one that I could borrow. I’ve never used one though, so I don’t know what kind of quality they print at, or what size/paper limitations they might have.

What about Staples? I haven’t had any issues at my local Kinkos, so that’s strange.

I buy all of my rubber feet (the black ones) at Home Depot. Check the larger one. Lowe’s here doesn’t have them, so not sure about them.

Just wanted to chime in on the feet. I also got these from Home Depot.

I don’t see why they would worry about copyright issues if you are just printing one single copy of the picture. If you asked them to print 10,000 that would be different. I need to go to Kinkos to print out a Puzzle Fighter pic for my girlfriend’s joystick, hopefully I won’t have a problem with them too.

I got the same rubber feet zombie linked. They are great and I see a lot of people use them. Only one of the 3 Home Depots near me has them, so I don’t know how they distribute them.

if you have any old PC cases rip the feet off the bottom of them. they don’t have the screw holes but they usually aren’t as huge as the ones you buy at ace and whatnot.


I’m asking myself right now:

“Why didn’t I thought about that before?”


Great tip Funny Panda!

Also, on the art issue. I’m sure someone on here has a photo printer and wouldn’t mind printing what you want and mailing it for a nominal fee.

Just an update for anyone who may have been worrying about me; I got some little rubber feet from the larger Home Depot by my house and I managed to get my art printed as well.
As of this moment the only thing remaining to be done on my stick is assembly and the final touches of wiring. (my boards all soldered up, but I don’t have spades on any of the wires yet) As soon as I get around to having time to get it all together I will surely post a pic or two.

Just use a European Terminal Strip, no crimping of anything required.

At some point along the line I decided (probably arbitrarily) that I don’t like terminals. I’m sure they work very nicely, I just don’t really see the point of using them. Forgive me if I’m wrong, but if I use a terminal won’t I still need to crimp whatever goes from it to my switches?

I had the same copyright problems with kinkos recently after getting art printed almost bi-weekly for a year, all of a sudden it’s a problem smh

I had no problems getting artwork printed at Staples. Try them if there’s a store in your area.