2 sprite editing requests

I need ken doing a shoryuken [but a lp or mp version with no flames] and yun doing his shoulder thrust

thanks in advance to whoever can do this for me

that color ken and yun

and this is the frame i need edited for yun

anyone please? i just need a single frame of each

I’ll tackle it when I get home after work.


sweet much appreciated! n.n

download PSP and get the pallets and apply them to the sprites…

you gonna do em for me? you kinda said you do em like yesterday n.n just wanted to remind ya

I got home pretty late, and got started but not finished.

Sorry, patience is a key ingriedient with me.


its okay no problem n.n; just wanted to make sure you remembered. i cant even use them till monday so no rush

tis monday… they almost done?

The guy’s doing this for you for nothing, man… You’ll know he’s done when he posts the pics for ya. I know you’re eager, but chill and keep yourself busy with other things in the meantime.

>>; still need them…