2 team battles? (PC)


i had luck only one time to play a team battle on pc, it always crashes thou<br>is there any way to make this work?<br>i know that only the host can make a team, but can it be done with 2? lets say first other players form a team then the host, or vise versa?


Some people say you should pair with another player outside the lobby first before getting in.<br>


u cannot invite a team in endless battle


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<div class=“QuoteText”>u cannot invite a team in endless battle</div>

But they can join in, right?  As far as I know that’s how they form 2 vs 2 battles in an endless battle.  They can join in by accessing the GFWL dashboard and selecting your gamercard.  If you’re in an endless lobby and there are still vacant slots there will be an option which says “Join session in progress.”  <br>


2 players cannot be invited at the same time in an endless lobby where are free slots, so it doesnt matter if u made a team outside … and i have never saw an option on gfwl that says ‘join session in progress’


Here’s a visual.  <br><br><img src=“http://i300.photobucket.com/albums/nn8/maverickhunterx3/SFTK2013-03-0108-20-04-428_zps7cfbe68b.png”><br><br>You may ask your friend who made his team outside your lobby to join you through this.  By the way, you’ll only see that button if the player selected is in an Endless Lobby.  If it still doesn’t work I suggest you pm @LordWilliam1234 as he’s the one who I know who figured out how tag team play works.<br>


The team made outside of lobby have to join manually by searching the endless lobby. Joining through gfwl by invite or not doesn’t work.