20 pin Flat flex cable model # and terminal help

So, I’ve been looking at the pics of the axis adapter, which is definitely the best solution for integrating the ps3 pcb into a custom stick. But, I’m having trouble identifying the ffc model, and am hoping that someone could check my guess before I purchase a cable. Digi-key has a couple of parlex models of 20 conductor .5mm pitch flat flex cables, that vary by length. It seems that 20 cond .5mm pitch is the right type, is that right?


Also, I’m not sure where to start on what terminal I should use, can someone recommend a part?

connector possible?

Here is a connector I found that may work


What the hell is an axis adapter, and why don’t you just use the Cthulu for a PS3 stick?

axis adapter makes your stick wireless.

so basically instead of buying the adapter you asking how you can make your own?

after getting the right parts, etc… you still need a PCB… just get the kit already


Gotcha. Where are these available?

I’m looking in to this myself. Tacoman1423 was able to figure out what the pitch was but I haven’t got in to contact with with him yet. He has a website here.

That’s a great connector choice BTW! I was trying to find something I could solder on directly and that looks awesome.


Check out this connector for a 1mm pitch 20 pin FFC.

It doesn’t have a locking mechanism so it’s cheaper and you can order a bunch in case you mess up. It’s legs are also longer for easier soldering.

I opened up my sixaxis and took out my trusty ruler. It is indeed 1mm pitch, off to digikey now :lovin: