200-500 PP Players

I have read the web page for a long time. I am a foreign exchange student to USA from Japan. I am not a Street Fighter skilled player and want to play and get better with similar skill players. Please find me on Playstation to play games. Please understand?

I think you’re wanting this thread :stuck_out_tongue:

Super Street Fighter IV Endless Match Thread

Just pretty much post what you have posted here in that thread and fill in the other information in regards to your location, the characters you use, times of availability, etc.

Good luck!

I’ll bite.
Look up IceColdH8rade on PSN.
I’m down to play anytime after midnight PST thursday through tuesday and all day on wednesdays.
I’ve got around 460PP

My PP is 200-500, one time over 700.

Since it is summer break from school I can play anytime; but that I return to Japan 7/30/2010 and the time will change to play.

This guy is clearly gonna be much better than all of us in a month :slight_smile:

haha, how true.
Add me, or i’ll add you at some point too. I’m around 400 since i started using stick and i need alot of practice. Right now yuo’re looking at a humble Akuma/Gouken

I added many players from this web site. Everyone is nice and tries their hardest. Thank you.

Add me up too, noob Juri from Brazil around 450-500 PP :bgrin:

PSN: Kaliptusz

add me, im definitely in that PP range.

psn: crushing4fame

N54Power is a determined Makoto player, we played yesterday for a bit, good practice since the stick doesn’t allow me to play any better which is great. If there are any Ryu/Guile players looking for Akuma/Gouken matchups in that PP range add me to friend list, i need practice. If you’re a little better on a good match i can keep up, so add me in that case too.

PSN: diomedes64

good game June, study these videos they will help your game if you apply them.




Thank you, SpawnSC. It is like a guessing game until you are hit.

June ill be online tonight if you would like to practice some more :tup::karate:

I will like to play then. Maybe need patience as I am still learning.

Wow, that is some of the best info I’ve gotten about this game so far. Sometimes you get so immersed in combo practice and high level play that things like the basics completely illude you. Thanks for posting these. Gonna be a great help.

I’m between 400-600 PP usually. I play Juri, add me : FREEFLYMIRAGE on PSN

youre killin me June. GGs, nice Makoto… looks like my Abel still needs A LOT of work. btw, youre almost @ 1000 PP now!

I felt our games were all very close, crushing4fame. You are good with the grab.

Since my internet is disconnected because I am leaving soon it is impossible for me to play online. When I return to Japan, I can connect to the internet to play with everyone again. I will practice with my roomate and the CPU until that time.