200 Cows Drop Dead


Yep it happened again :confused:

200 cows drop dead on Wisconsin farm - Minneapolis / St. Paul News - The Blotter


the.fuck.is.going.on??? How do you explain 200 cows dropping dead? People won’t care until it’s 200 people dropping dead, randomly… 2012!!!


air attack? check
sea attack? check
land attack? check


It’s the government, MAN!!!


well, time to prepare for the end…guess ill play some sfiv

Air -Birds dying
Sea - Fish dying
Land - Cows dying

yeah thats a sign bruh…at least I dont have to worry about college debt…


Holy cow… yep I tried…

Any case, should we resurrect the End of the World thread?


I’m waiting for the “Entire town goes dark, population wiped out” headline.


Guys, it’s not like that…the cows just found out that I bought a family size George Foreman grill, and would devour them a lot sooner than even I planned. They couldn’t take it.


it’s the trees man, this is just like The Happening


Obviously the only logical explanation is that sunspot cycles are increasing in intensity, eventually culminating in a reversal of the sun’s magnetic field, which in turn will wreak havoc on earth’s environment, culminating in doomsday on 2012. All this predicted by the mayan calendar.

I mean any other explanation would just be ludicrous.


There’s a lot more out there like the dolphins swallowing mud killing themselves etc. And the tons of tilapia dying. It has to be a test weapon of some sort. Or 4lokos.


I hope Odin’s comin’ back. Fingers crossed.


But, but…

…Odin LOSES. :frowning:

Well, we’re fucked.

As I see it.


It’s the illuminati playing mind games with everyone! :wow:


Don’t have a Cow man!

No, it’s Sarah Palin’s fault


i guess i should start repenting now? maybe go to confession?

lets goo apocalypse


I know what happened.


dogs and cats living together… mass hysteria!


2012… it comes!


Was Kate Winslet one of them? :wonder:

As I see it.