$200 Happ iL/Sanwa Custom Joystick SOLD Please close


Final stick before the break-

As promised here is the last stick out of the shop!!

PRICE: 200.00 USD —price drop to move fast
SHIPPING PACKING:anywhere in the US
Internantional orders welcome please contact for quote on shipping

Get ready Marvel vs Capcom fans this stick will have your name written all over your opponents Forehead lol

Stick features:

MC cthulhu -can be upgraded for 360 ps2/ps1 or dual modded down the line to keep the cost of stickbuying down.
Happ/iL competition stick (white)
8 button astro city layout (4black 4white) Sanwa 30mm
2 st/sl 24mm (white) guide button by pressing both
Poplar case stained honey maple w/ lexan top and thick lexan bottom
Nuetrik adapter

new artwork**************









Wassup Bro. hey. good luck sale it out. very very nice stick. peace. Sky


Great work once again Aaron! Damn fine stick. Good luck on the sale. Free bump for being so damn awesome!


Nice! Very good work, as usual. Someone jump on this thing!


To get this out the door asap 25.00 PRICE DROP!!!


wow i just heard that you are going away for 2 months from a customer and then checked ur thread. Hope things are good with you, health is more important. Bump for good guy and a really nice stick for happ parts. Take care.



thankya much:tup:

been trying thanks for the vote :tup::tup:

Yeah I hate to do it but it won’t be for too long, I wanted to go out on a high note and bring back some of that happ luv

p.s. when the shop opens back up be on the lookout for the new zebra and maple cases!!!


Someone buy this case! Good stickbuilder and Seller!


PM sent