2000BP Autoblock/Easy Input gems

Came across these guys todays. I’m just learning the game and found 2000bp players still using crutch gems… [media=youtube]q7S-w6BUyWY[/media]

I would just say avoid online as you will come across more people using this gem and other cheap things to win. If you want to learn or have fun add some people within the SRK or other sites and do a few casual and just ask to have no assist gems when you play

2000bp is still beginners… and know that as more gems become available to level of stupid is just going to rise

Good thing gems don’t make the player. Also, after watching the video, his auto block went off five total times. 3 of which were in the final round. Not to mention all he did was SRKs, which are not only easy to do anyway, that’s all he did. You almost lost because you don’t know how to handle SRKs apparently. Not because his gems were good.


lol, even though he used assist gems, his game play was still very predictable. I could understand using auto block in the beginning for characters that you don’t really know how to fight against. Easy input gems will get you absolutely nowhere. I use the auto tech gem against heavily offensive poke characters like claw, Rolento and Poison because they like to tick throw, even with the crappy throw range. In the long run, when I know the game a bit better, I plan on not using the gem at all. Also, there is an achievement for using assist gems, so maybe he was trying to get it…lol.

i use easy input on kazuya against zoners, getting from one side of the screen to the other during a fireball animation has it’s advantages


They glow pink for a reason

Block that

This isn’t a game like Marvel where worse players can rob you of a win, losing to them will usually mean they are better.