2002 Midwest Championships Super Street Fighter 2 Turbo Part 1

2002 Street Fighter Midwest Championships. June 21-23, 2002. I have approximately 2:53 hours of ST footage from the tournament. It was shot and given to me by OG East Coast ST player David Spence (srk name: dublo7).

The video quality is ok and some of the audio appears to be missing. I also abruptly end the footage mid-match. I will be fixing all this later. But, hey, there’s some classic ST footage here with some of the OGs:

Seth “S-Kill” Killian (Chun Li?)
Mike “Watts” Watson - Balrog (Boxer)
Jesse Howard (O. Ken?)
Jason “DreamTR” Wilson
Jason “Shirts” de Heras - Old Dhalsim
Wes Truelson - N Ken?
John Choi? - I think he was there.
David “dublo7” Spence - New Dhalsim
…and many more.

Not really sure who is playing what character so you kind of have to guesstimate based on style.

Spence mentions many of the names attending at the beginning of this video so take note.


Amazing, Spence finally shares some of his enormous archived ST footage. I always look forward to seeing old school ST action. Thanks for posting and thanks to Spence for recording.

Good shit. Thank you! Jesse Howard = most underarted player ever. Love watching his matches. Him and Mr.Inspiration himself, Wes.

Why thank you very much! I had sometimes wished that I lived in an area back in the '90s with more competition available. Going to Japan every other year helped but wasn’t enough. That mixed with having less and less time the older I got made it difficult. But I definitely still have the fighting spirit!

Oh man I though you went into seclusion in the Hymalaia Mountains or something lol. Yo when are you gonna jump on GGPO ? I’ve been wanting to extend a friendly invite to you since forever and a day.

I’ve actually only played on GGPO once and it was at Wes’s house. I will admit (and it’s probably no surprise) that I would much rather play ST than Remix.