*** 20040212 MvC2 Results @ the Break ***

  1. Josh Wigfall
  2. Shawn Morgan
  3. Mike Infinite
  4. Ed the Head
  5. Josh Wong
  6. Chris Matrix
  7. Rob Sigley
  8. Phil Johnson
  9. Justin Zhou
  10. Justin
  11. Phi
  12. Kei (Juggernaut, Sentinel, Doom)


I don’t play this game so I don’t know which characters the players normally use. Plus, since it was my first time running a tournament, I wasn’t really paying attention to who was using what. Anyone interested in these specific details will have to wait for someone who was there to reply to this thread. ^^;

josh got lucky that bastard…j/k hes too good…finals were 4-2 me then 4-2 him…i was coming from losers…but yea great to see everyone and shit, especially josh wiggy, josh wong and justin blazinflo from florida…havent seen yall in awhile…matrix and mike…soe niggas…hehe

lung problems cant stop my nigga shawn:lol:

good shit to the top 3, wigfall is a beast…any vids?:confused:

shawn u comin to the ctf tourney on the 21st?

Whoa, Josh in a marvel tourney? Hmmmmmm, last time I checked, it was 2004 JOSH!!!

p.s. if you read this, Som and I will be at U.P tonight, but there won’t be any marvel playing :smiley:


nice justin nice

Wow Josh W went to a mvc2 tourney!:eek: He hate’s that game now. Too bad philly doesn’t have anymore tournament’s:depress: Only consle major’s.:bluu:

Why’s that?

Hey jetphi your mailbox is full… anyway just wondering what’s going on with ecc9.