2008 #4716 MadCatz pad - Triggers

Preface: I don’t want to go by anything that has been stated in other threads regarding placement of resistors for the triggers, since already I have found that the signal points on this pad are different than the 2006 and 2007 models.

On the three contacts which make up the circuit for a trigger, I have one which reads 3.27V (H), one which has varied voltage depending upon the position of the potentiometer (W), and one which reads 0V (L).

1.) Between which two contacts would I want to place the resistor if I decide to remove the potentiometer instead of hot gluing it into the “off” (wiper reads zero volts) position?

2.) If I complete step #1, can I still wire that button to my arcade stick by placing my lead to that button? If so, on which side of the resistor would I solder (H or W)?

Assuming your pad is active high meaning 3.3V when fully pressed and 0V when fully released…

  1. resistor between signal and ground

  2. solder button to signal and power

There’s a recent thread about this titled ‘madcatz LT/RT’. Something like that. It should be in the first couple pages of tech.

According to the thread, if you have the newest madcatz 2008 contoller, you’ll need a transistor and a couple resistors to use triggers per side. Sorry, can’t link it for you b/c I’m on my phone.

You only need the transistor if you must use common ground for the two triggers. If you’re okay with not using common ground for those two buttons, then you can use my technique above.

Sir, I stand corrected

I had an '08 madcatz 360 but returned it when I read through the confusion that is making the triggers work per the other thread (not electrically inclined). Than was happy when I found a retro madcatz stick!!!

Remove pot?

I’m pretty sure I have everything I need figured out (this site/community kicks @$$ – thanks you!), but one thing I am not sure of:

I have the newest madcatz controller (4716 high)…

Understanding: if I jump the signal and ground with a 10k resistor, I can run wires from the signal side of the resistor and from the volt post to my arcade button so that the analog trigger will function like a digital button.

Understanding: if I ground each button separately, I do not need an NPN transistor as described in toodles’ other post.

Question: Do I need to remove the pot or can I solder directly to the posts on the pot? I’m pretty good with soldering and following directions, but the science of resistors and transistors is a bit lost on me.

Thanks! This is the most helpful site on the net for building sticks =)